U.S. drone shot down
States themselves shot down a Reaper drone over the Black Sea

It is reported by CNN with reference to an unnamed official.

The official said the Reaper drone and two Russian Su-27 jets were flying over international waters when one of the Russian planes intentionally flew in front of the drone and drained fuel in front of it. 

One of the Russian planes damaged the Reaper's propeller, which is mounted at the rear of the drone, the official said. 

A propeller failure forced the US to shoot down a Reaper in the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

After downed drone, the US will still continue flying over international waters - statement

The Russian ambassador to Washington has been summoned to the State Department following an incident involving the interception of an American MQ-9 drone over the Black Sea.

Kirby White House spokesman says US will continue flying over international waters without "confirmation from Russia"

US concerns over the interception of a US UAV by a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea will be made official, John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council, said at a March 14 briefing.

"The State Department intends to contact Russian officials and express our concerns directly about this incident," Kirby told reporters. He noted that additional information can be obtained from the US State Department.

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