Sikorsky R-6
Sikorsky R-6. A photo. Characteristics.

Sikorsky R-6

Sikorsky R-6 - Double light helicopter USA. Razrabotchik- Sikorsky Aircraft. Produced with 1945, 225 made helicopters. It was in service in the UK and US, some machines used in civil aviation.

The R6 helicopter (also known as the HoverflyII) was designed based on the successful Sikorsky R4 model. He has a more advanced aerodynamic shape of the fuselage. The rotor and transmission are borrowed from the R4 model, and the engine is vertically mounted. Unlike the R4, the hull shell is made of fiberglass, aluminum tail boom. Improvements made it possible to achieve greater speed: 100 miles per hour compared to 82 miles from R4.

Sikorsky R-6. A photo.

Sikorsky R-6. A photo.

The chassis mounted hydraulic shock absorbers that allowed the resonance in the land problem. The first helicopters produced now Sikorsky, then transferred to the production companies NashKelvinator.

Sikorsky R-6. A photo.

Sikorsky R-6. A photo.

The first batch of R6 transferred to 1944 US Army Aviation, part transferred to the fleet. 27 helicopters entered the service of the British Air Force (where designated as HoverflyII). In the USA, the helicopters were not long operated as auxiliary helicopters, and were soon replaced by a more successful R5 helicopter.

Features helicopter Sikorsky R-6:

  • Crew: 1

  • The greatest number of passengers: 1

  • Length: 14.61m

  • Take-off weight: 1,179kg

  • Powerplant: 1 × PD Franklin04059, 240l.s.

  • The diameter of the rotor: 11.58m

  • Maximum speed: 160km / h

  • Ceiling: 3,048m

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