Sikorsky S-97 Raider
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Sikorsky S 97 Raider

Helicopter Sikorsky S-97 Raider. Photo. Characteristics.


Bell OH-58 Kiowa light multi-purpose helicopter is in service with the US Army 1969 years as a reconnaissance and direct fire support helicopter.

Despite numerous upgrades, everything has long been clear that the OH-58 exhausted itself as a design. Features AH-64 to upgrade is also on the wane. The helicopters of the US Army came two spaces, two niches. The successful design S-97, coincidence, and simple luck, will allow the new helicopter immediately fill two empty niches. What kind of miracle is it? With coaxial rotors and a pusher propeller?

Sikorsky S-97 Raider 34

In 2008 year to work out technical improvements to flight test new products was built experimental Sikorsky X2. During flight tests the designer faced a number of serious problems. Confronted with an acute problem with an increase in speed of flight. The fact that the rotation of the propeller, retreat, moving at the speed of flight of the blade is close to the speed of the airflow. Thus, it is idle, i.e. does not create lift.

The engineers of Sikorsky, at the beginning of 1970, found a way out of this situation. Two coaxial rotors have two independent swash plates. The machines adjust the fall of the lifting force, changing the angle of attack of the retracting blades. All lifting force is produced by leading blades. On model X 2 for the first time a non-pushing turbojet engine (or a pair of them) was used, and a propelling propeller. This gave a sharp increase in speed (in the middle of 70, S-69 installed an unofficial world helicopter speed record equal to 487 km / h). In October 2008 year to the concept returned, and flight tests X XUMX continued. The second serious problem of helicopter blades was also solved. With an increase in the speed of rotation of the rotor, the motion of the tips of the blades approaches the speed of sound. The air resistance increases abruptly. The problem was solved thanks to the pushing screw.

Sikorsky S-97 Raider missiles

At a certain moment, the rotational speed of the bearing rotors slows down. Lifting force is quite enough, the tip of the blades do not go to critical modes, and the forward speed depends entirely on the pushing screw. So the speed of the new S-97 Raider helicopter went beyond the line 400 km / h. Although the engine and aerodynamics allow you to accelerate the car to a speed above 500 km / h! The six-blade propeller propeller has the ability to change the pitch, which makes it possible to optimize and control the flight of the helicopter. The usual problem with helicopters is vibration, they decided with the help of an active vibration control system. The system includes measuring vibration frequency sensors and generators, suppressing the counteracting vibration of a strictly defined frequency at various points of the fuselage. This allows you to make the flight comfortable for the crew and landing. The power unit on the new helicopter is still one and borrowed from UH-60M Black Hawk. The General Electric YT706 engine, with gears and transmission, drives both the rotors and the propeller. Soon, Rader will get his own engine, and his cruising speed will become even greater.

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The crew of the car consists of two pilots, the cargo and passenger compartment in the assault configuration accommodates 6 fully equipped infantrymen. The compartment can be transformed to a specific task. That is, it is universal. Transport, medical, assault - far from a complete list of modifications of the compartment. The helicopter has a fully electro-remote control system. There are no mechanical connections in management at all. This allowed to significantly reduce the mass of the helicopter and reduce its size. The compactness of the helicopter is another advantage over its competitors. The length of 11 m and the diameter of the rotor 10m allows to reduce the size of the site when landing at 15%, which is extremely important for rescue and combat operations. S-97 has a standard "body kit" consisting of a variety of combinations of machine guns 7, 62 or 12, 5 mm, 7 missile system Mk 4 FFAR (2, 75 in.), Or AGM-114 Hellfire installation.

In 2015 it planned to leave only the Apaches in the army, removing them from the national reserve and National Guard. So S-97 goes directly to two goals. Completely replaces the OH-58 and partly AH-64.

Helicopter project Sykorsky S-97 is also unique in that it is entirely built on private investment, a fully private company, without government funding.

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S-97 entirely appropriate for the replacement helicopter fleet US FVL Future Vertical Lift, unlike its competitors Bell V-280 Valor and SB-1 Defiant (joint Sikorsky and Boeing), whose first flight is scheduled only 2017 year. Both helicopters are to replace Apache, and in niche multi-Raider has no equal, not even a competition was announced.

So: S-97 Raider-speed, multi-function, the helicopter of the new generation, meanwhile, has no competitors in the world. Terrible and dangerous machine. Who will answer the call?


Sikorsky company introduced the first of the two prototypes of the helicopter Sikorsky S-97 Raider, designed for reconnaissance and combat operations, the exhibition held in October 2 2014, in West Palm Beach, Florida.
The program to create a combat helicopter, being developed by Sikorsky specifically for the US Army.


Sikorsky S 97 Raider

Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo


Development Programme and the development of a new type of helicopter

The program is developing a model of a new type of helicopter, it was launched in March 2010 years. There was a need to replace the standing armed helicopter Bell OH-58D Riowa Warrior, to a new and improved model. Sikorsky company decided to develop a new helicopter with the launch of the first model in October 2014 years. Prototypes prototypes began to gather in October 2012 2, in the amount of units. When you create a helicopter used the most advanced technology, including the creation of a fuselage made of composite materials.


Sikorsky S 97 Raider poster

Sikorsky S 97 Raider poster

Sikorsky Company, together with the Boeing Company has developed a new design of high-rigid coaxial rotor model SB> 1 (JMR TD).

In the case of adoption of a new model helicopter to the US Army, will be replaced model helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache with total funding of 100 billion. Dollars.


Sikorsky S 97 Raider photos back

Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo

The first prototype should be ready at the end of the year 2014, and is used for intensive test flights, after the second copy in the water in the system, is intended to participate in the demonstration flights. The creation of the helicopter company Sikorsky has invested 150 million. Dollars, plus 200 million. Dollars invested in the form of the suppliers of parts and components of the helicopter. The estimated selling price of the helicopter will be 15 million. Dollars.


Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo

Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo

The US Defense Department has not yet made a final decision on the re-transition to new models of helicopters. In parallel with the military version of the helicopter developed a civilian version, which is expected to produce for delivery personnel on oil platforms.


The design features of the new helicopter

The new model of Sikorsky S-97 Raider has the characteristics of the power unit with variable speed coaxial rotors and variable pitch rotation. It is planned to produce controlled model helicopter or 1 2 pilots, as well as with automatic piloting.


Possibilities of use and specifications of the helicopter:

  • The helicopter crew consists of 1-2 pilots or controlled automatic piloting.

  • The passenger cabin is designed to carry passengers 6.

  • Dimensions helicopter length 11 m.

  • Maximum take-off weight - 4990 kg.

  • The power plant will consist of 1 engine General Electric YT706, 1900 kW capacity.

  • Main rotor diameter -10 m.

  • Rotors - 6 blade variable-pitch pusher propeller and clutchable 2.1 m in diameter.

  • Cruising speed - 407 km / h

  • Flight range - 570 km

  • The residence time in flight - 2 40 hours minutes

  • The maximum ceiling - 3048 m.


Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo 123

Sikorsky S 97 Raider photo



  • 1 50-caliber machine gun and rockets 7.