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Silver Arrow HERMES 1500
Silver Arrow HERMES 1500

Silver Arrow HERMES 1500

Hermes 1500 is a multi-purpose drone created by Silver Arrow. Its main task - patrolling, monitoring, updating fire support, intelligence and communications support during combat.

Model Hermes 1500 - it increased modification Hermes 450. The device is made by the type of light commercial aircraft designed to mislead the enemy air defenses. The traditional set of equipment includes a set of almost the same as that of Hermes 450. In carrying out the task, it flies completely offline, using the data of GPS. He lands and takes off from poorly prepared strip (up to 350 m).

In June 1997, he was presented the first time that has happened at the Paris air show. Its first flight duration in minutes 55 took only a year, namely in May 2 1998 city

Silver ArrowHERMES 1500.Characteristics:

Modification Hermes 1500
Wingspan, m 18.00
Length m 9.40
Height, m 2.40
Weight, kg  
null 1250
maximum take-off 1650
engine's type 2 914 the Rotax AP
Power, hp X 2 100
Maximum speed km / h 305
Cruising speed, km / h 241
Minimum speed, km / h 148
Radius of action, km 200
Flight duration, h  
ordinary 26
maximum 40
Rate of climb, m / min 457
Practical ceiling, m 9145


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