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Silver Arrow HERMES 450
Silver Arrow HERMES 450

Silver Arrow HERMES 450

Hermes 450 is a multi-purpose drones created by Silver Arrow. It is actively used for patrolling, monitoring, correcting fire support, reconnaissance and supporting communications in the event of hostilities. The device consists entirely of composite materials, thereby making it difficult for its detection by enemy air defense systems. The traditional electronic equipment complex includes an infrared rangefinder, an Elta EL / M-2022H search radar, an ESP-600C color television camera or a monochrome Controp ESP-1H and a Controp FSP-1 FLIR. In addition, containers with MOSP or IAI Tamam POP sensors can be additionally installed. When performing its tasks, it flies in an autonomous mode, using GPS data. The device lands and takes off from a poorly prepared runway (up to 350 m). The reconnaissance complex includes 4-6 UAV, ground terminal and the control system of Elbit.

His first combat mission, he performed in April 1994 years. Three years later, the company has created a new Silver Arrow modification Hermes 450S single engine.

UAV was used to replace the IDF reconnaissance drones Scout.

Silver ArrowHERMES 450. Characteristics:

Modification Hermes 450S
Wingspan, m 10.50
Length m 6.10
Height, m 1.80
Wing area, m2 8.20
Weight, kg  
null 200
maximum take-off 450
engine's type AP AR 1 801
Power, hp X 1 52
Maximum speed km / h 176
Cruising speed, km / h 130
Radius of action, km 200
Flight duration, h to 20
Practical ceiling, m 6100


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