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Silver Arrow SNIPER
Silver Arrow SNIPER

Silver Arrow SNIPER

Sniper - UAV, which is developed by silver arrow. Its main goal - the adjustment of rocket and artillery fire, battlefield reconnaissance and data collection. It is equipped with a set of equipment which is designed for use day and night. Also, the system consists of a set of data in real time. It runs the unit using a catapult. Intelligence complex consists of 3-4 UAV ground control station and launcher.

In February 1998 at an exhibition in Singapore sniper was shown for the first time. By 2002 silver arrow, the organization has signed contracts with South America, Southeast Asia and South Africa.

Silver ArrowSNIPER. Characteristics:

Modification Sniper
Wingspan, m 4.20
Length m 4.30
Height, m 1.10
Weight, kg  
null 120
payload 45
maximum take-off 170
engine's type 1 AP UEL AR 741
Power, hp X 1 38
Maximum speed km / h 176
Cruising speed, km / h 120
Radius of action, km 200
Flight duration, h 6
Rate of climb, m / min 274
ceiling 4575


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