Sinai war
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Sinai War. The war in the Sinai Peninsula.

Sinai War.


By 60-th years of the last century, the Arab world was divided into two opposing sides. The reason was their attitude towards Israel. On the side of Egypt were Iraq and Syria, longtime adversaries of Israel, and confronted them, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. But while preparing the first, Israel had started their pre-emptive strike.

On the morning of June 5 1967 years, 40 aircraft Israeli aircraft made a normal training flight over the Mediterranean, but were seen by the Egyptian radar. But Egypt's fighters were not scrambled. But after about 15 minutes of flight, ten groups of four Israeli Air Force aircraft "Mirage" and "Super Mirage" attacked targets in nine airfields of Egypt. Bombed, the group left the aircraft, but it was replaced by another.

"Super Mirage"

Mirage Sinai War
So within 3 hours-was destroyed about 300 Egyptian aircraft. They were mostly Soviet-made aircraft: MiG-17,19,21, Su-7,IL-28 and Tu-16. The main blow was aimed at Israelis Squadron Tu-16, as these machines can carry cruise missiles. Two squadrons of Tu-16 Israelis failed to destroy.


Sinai war the 16
Within a few hours of the war came to Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan. Jordanian Air Force began to bomb Israeli airports, and its artillery acted on other runways - runways Israeli Air Force.

By switching to the Jordanian Air Force, Israel destroyed 17 from 18 Hunter aircraft, all components of the Air Force of Jordan. Syria, the Israeli Air Force attacked in daylight, just after the attack on Jordan. blows were inflicted on the Syrian bases Seykale, Doumeira, Damascus, Marge riyals. During the same day, the Israelis attacked a radar station (RLS) Egyptians in Sinai and along the channel Suetskogo and airfields in Cairo, Luxor, Helwan.


The war in the Sinai Peninsula.

The army of Egypt was heavily dependent on its aircraft, and lost in the first day of the third part of the Air Force, on the orders of Field Marshal Amer moved inland. Seeing this, the Israelis inflicted on the Egyptian army tank attack, capturing the key mountain passes Mitla and Iddo, leading to the western Sinai. Also, the Egyptian troops in the east of the country were surrounded.

The command of the Egyptian army has decided to throw in the past MiG-21But almost all of them were destroyed.



In the north, battles were fought first aviatsiey.Tu-16 Iraqi aircraft attacked the industrial area of ​​Netanya, but were shot down. But the Israeli Air Force suffered losses in 9 aircraft in heavy fighting with Iraqi planes «Hunter».


In the next four days, there were several clashes between the aircraft of the opposing sides. Jordanian pilots were shot down Israeli aircraft 3.

But by June 8 fighting ceased at Sinai, as Egypt's air force could no longer resist the Israeli aircraft, and the decision of the UN ceased fighting 9 of June. But Israel continued attacks on the Golan Heights, and stop them destroying the planned objectives.

Israel won the war, and made security in the region. They destroyed the Egyptian 286, 54 Syrian, Jordanian 22, 20 1 Iraqi and Lebanese aircraft, while losing from 45 60 to his and 30 pilots. But the conflict between Arabs and Jews has not been settled, and this war has shown the balance of power in the region.



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