helicopter engine control systems

helicopter engine control systems



The main task of management is to stabilize TVGTD speed helicopter rotor (free turbine) when changing the load transmission due to a change in the collective pitch of the main rotor, tail rotor pitch and helicopter maneuvers.

The presence of complex transmissions and clutches significantly increases the probability of a loss of communication between the turbine and the screw and the promotion of the free turbine and its subsequent destruction. As a result of this extremely important objective of ACS is a reliable protection from the power turbine spin.

Significant impact on the requirements for the ACS TVGTD provide the operating conditions of the helicopter. Hovering or flying near the ground, hit the engine water or snow and the engine flameout. TVGTD is mandatory for system recovery mode of the engine.

The flight and the helicopter hovering near the ground in sandy areas leads to dusty erosion of compressor blades when flying over the sea - salt-running of the compressor. This causes a significant decrease in stocks GDU engine and increasing the likelihood of compressor surge. One of the main requirements for ACS TVGTD is to protect the motor against surge and its liquidation.

Introduction to the torsion elastic design of the engine for electronic meter of torque (twisting) moment significantly reduces the frequency of torsional vibrations of the "power turbine rotor." The frequency of the torsional vibration is close to the natural frequency of the system of stabilization of frequency of rotation of the rotor. It is necessary to eliminate the possibility of torsional vibrations on the system of frequency stabilization Plan.

One of the important requirements for ACS TVGTD is synchronization modes Double Motor helicopter engines in order to increase the resource of the main gearbox and the simultaneous development of the resource engine.

Changing the rotational speed of the rotor to obtain the desired thrust, depending on flight mode provides significant fuel economy. Automatic control systems TVGTD should provide the necessary correction of the rotational speed of the rotor (free turbine).


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