Control systems VGTD
Control systems VGTD

Control systems VGTD



Electronic unit ACS has three independent channel control and self-protection channel on the promotion of the free turbine. Two identical channels A and B perform all the functions of control, monitoring and protection of the engine. Reserve channel provides for a simplified engine management programs and the most important functions of motor protection: stabilization and restriction of the free turbine speed, limiting the speed of the gas generator, the synchronization mode of the engine. In case of refusal of all three channels are fixing the engine operating condition.

Support GTE (VGTD) is an energy source on board the aircraft (or helicopter) when the main propulsion engines. In flight VGTD used as an emergency power source. VGTD generates compressed air to start the main engines, heater and air-conditioning salon JIA, as well as drive the generator AC or DC.

For operation with n = 100% is essential for VGTD. To set the operation modes are also short-lived with a maximum PTO (air) to start the main engines, with the selection of modes of mechanical power to drive an electric generator and a separate hydro units as well as continuous use with the selection of mechanical power and air conditioning.

Transient modes VGTD are zapuska- acceleration mode before entering the mode n = 100%, as well as modes that occur during load changes (bleed, turn on / off the generator, and others.).

Control problems VGTD depend on the scheme and purpose. There are four typical schemes auxiliary engine:

(1) single-shaft with air intake behind the common compressor;

(2) twin-shaft with air intake behind the low pressure compressor;

(3) twin-shaft with an additional (service) compressor drive from a free turbine;

(4) single-shaft with compressed air extraction from an additional compressor driven directly from the gas generator shaft.

In the selection of the general air compressor and alternator drive shaft of the gas generator in addition to starting the engine management system must maintain a constant physical speed of the rotor, to ensure sufficient supplies of GDU compressor, and control the flow rate of bypass air bleed from the compressor.

In the control-shaft VGTD driven alternator rotor shaft of the low pressure necessary to control the flow of air bypassed from the low pressure compressor, as well as to maintain a constant speed of the low pressure stage.


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