What you can bring luggage on the plane
What you can bring luggage on the plane

What you can bring luggage on the plane: the maximum weight, volume

Before the trip you need to collect suitcases. There are people who know how to do it right, and they do not have problems with such a trifling matter. But for some you need to know exactly how much you can carry baggage on the plane. It must be remembered that each airline has its own requirements for transportation and the number of certain things, to the total weight. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the rules of the country you are going to and the class of the air ticket. For example, some air carriers do not allow you to take pets with you, since the airplane does not have the necessary ventilation.

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Before collect the suitcase, is familiar with a few important points on Baggage:

  1. The right to carry various luggage.

  2. Carry-on baggage.

  3. The weight of free baggage.

  4. The allowable size.

  5. The tariff for the additional weight.

All luggage must show the passenger at the time of check-in, so that airlines provide flight safety.

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What you can bring luggage on the plane

The permissible total weight of luggage on 1 airline ticket sets which services you decide to use. It must be clarified in advance.

Information about the maximum weight indicated on the usual plane ticket or electronic.

Baggage is usually a minimum of 10 kg per passenger. But cheap flights have lowered the bar to 5 kilos.

Generally, there are two options for the transportation of luggage:

  • weighing system;

  • on the number of seats.

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Usually we use the following rules for the free baggage allowance, in the case where the airline is based on the total weight of the luggage:

  • the passengers of the first class, business class - 30 kg;

  • economy passengers - 20 kg;

  • Children under the age of 2-years (if they had paid for 10% cost of the ticket, traveling without a seat) - 10 kg.

Airlines, which are part of SkyTeam group, using an individual assessment of the volume of luggage. That is one place for luggage - this is one bag that weighs no more than 23 kg, and its size in the sum of three dimensions of up to 158 cm.

  1. Business class - up to 64 kg. Included are two free places, each of which 32 kg.

  2. Economy class - the weight to 23 kg, one free place (valid for group tariffs Optimum, Promo, budget).

  3. Economy class - the total weight of up to 46 kg, or two free places (valid for group status).

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There are norms for transportation of nonstandard baggage:

  1. Sports equipment (bicycle, ski, ski equipment or golf, and so on) are considered as one piece of luggage and are included in the total free baggage allowance. This is regardless of size and weight.

  2. Animals, only those that may be accepted for carriage in the cabin are recorded as 1 place and additionally paid. The weight and size is not relevant.

  3. Pets that are transported in the luggage compartment, 1 take place, and they can not be included in the free baggage allowance. the animal cell's weight should not exceed 23 kilos for overweight need to pay extra for airlines rates.

  4. Carried free of charge and wheelchair or baby stroller.

On special baggage (eg, musical instruments) have the ability to buy a single ticket and it can be transported in the cabin.

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If you must use a transatlantic flight, it is necessary to know how much you can hold luggage on the plane according to the norms. In this case, it is calculated by weight and the number of seats in the luggage compartment.

  1. First class and business class have two seats for luggage, each up to 32 kg. And the sum of the three dimensions of space occupied by luggage must not be more than 158 cm.

  2. Economy Class: passengers have two seats for luggage with a weight of up to 23 kg each.

  3. For passengers with a child under-2 years, provided that the paid 10% of the ticket price without separate place, provided the luggage weighing up to 10 kg. At the same time the amount of its in the amount of x-3 measurement should not exceed 115 cm.

Each bag weighed and considered separately. That is, if one weighs less, but outweighed the second, then you pay anyway for the advantage. So, among other things, things must evenly.