How much time to go to the airport Domodedovo
How much time to go to the airport Domodedovo

How much time to go to Domodedovo airport: distance

Domodedovo airport - the largest air hub of the country, ranking first in the country largest passenger. It is the only airport in Moscow with two parallel runways that can simultaneously perform operations on the landing and takeoff of aircraft. The airport is located in 45 km south of the capital.

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How much time before departure is necessary to come to the airport "Domodedovo"?

End of registration for domestic flights there is, as a rule, for 20 minutes before departure for international flights - for 40 minutes. Some time you will spend on the search reception, registration and the very passage of the inspection at the airport. Therefore it is better to try to get to the airport at least an hour and a half before your flight departure.

How much time to go to the airport Domodedovo different modes of transport?

Time for the journey to the airport depends on the time of day and the chosen mode of transport. The following information will allow you to navigate in time.

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The airport can be reached by car, bus, taxi Domodedovo, take the train or in the high-speed train Aeroexpress. Depending on the time left before the flight, the budget and the time of day each of you will choose the most suitable option. Next, we consider in more detail the options of transfer to Domodedovo airport, their advantages and disadvantages.

Bus Domodedovo

Since 6: 00 00 to: 00 20 every minute with the "Domodedovo" station in the direction of the airport buses depart Express number 308. Approximate travel time is 25-30 minutes. The bus should be non-stop. Passenger transportation company providing "Mostransavto" and "Spare". This type of transfer is available at Domodedovo, the ticket price is only 100 rubles. Children up to 7 years travel free. You can buy tickets next to the bus station at the box office.

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  • available fare;

  • transport is on schedule;

  • the point of departure is near the exit from "Domodedovo" metro station.

  • free baggage allowance.


  • buses do not ply in the night;

  • inconvenient to reach by metro with luggage.

Taxi Domodedovo

From Art. Metro "Domodedovo" every 15 minutes sent №308 taxis from the airport. Fare - 120 rubles, the ticket you need to buy from the driver. In the absence of traffic jams transfer time around 25 minutes. Baggage Allowance, not occupying a separate passenger seat is free of charge for the passenger.

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  • taxis go to the airport, even at night, but at intervals - every 40 minutes;

  • Parking at the airport is in 100 meters from the terminal.


  • travel time depends on traffic density.

The train to Domodedovo

Save on airport shuttle service can be sat in the train. The fare from Paveletsky station to Domodedovo airport - just 105 rubles, cheaper trip Aeroexpress. the road takes about one hour after train makes stops at some stations along the route. The final stop trains - railway terminal, which is located near the right wing of the terminal.

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  • reasonable price, compared with the high-speed train travel on Aeroexpress.


  • usually train with all the stops, and this increases the travel time.

Aeroexpress in Domodedovo

It is considered the most convenient and fast way to get to the airport. Modern express train takes you quickly to the destination, because it does not depend on the intensity of traffic on the roads.

Interval sending Aeroexpresses with w / d "Paveletskaya" station in the daytime is 30 minutes. At night time, the train runs with large time intervals. Travel time - 45-50 minutes. The fare in the cabin "Standard» - 340 rubles, business class - 900 rubles. Children up to 5 years are allowed to travel free of charge, for children aged up to 5 7 years, the cost of the travel document - 110 rubles.

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  • Aeroexpress train does not stop at intermediate stations, which significantly saves time passengers;

  • the train has business class seats;

  • trains run on a strict schedule every half hour during the day;


  • the high cost of travel, is almost identical to the cost of a taxi;

  • large time intervals sending speed express train at night.

Taxi Domodedovo

It is important to apply to the services of taxi services in those cases if you do not want to endure the inconvenience associated with the use of public transport, carry a lot of baggage, hurry on a night flight, do not navigate around the city or travel with small children. In such cases, ordering a taxi car will be the only correct option.

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  • taxi drivers working around the clock;

  • You can change the itinerary in its sole discretion;

  • the driver will help with the loading of luggage and take you directly to the entrance.


  • the highest cost of the trip, compared with all the options discussed above;

  • during peak hours can be a long time to stand in the road samples, so you should order a taxi in advance.

Self drive in "Domodedovo" airport by car

have long paid parking for airline customers at the airport. The cost of a daily parking costs 600-700 rubles.

Please note that most of the parking near the airport designed for short-term storage and car parking costs to them can reach several thousand a day.

It will be cheaper to find a parking space on a paid public parking near the airport, where the price of a parking space in 2-3 times lower than that of the terminal terminal.


  • time travel and route can be planned in any convenient manner;

  • the number of carried baggage depends only on your car's roominess.


  • The high cost of parking near the terminals exceeds the cost of all types of public transport.