How much fluid you can take on the plane
How much fluid you can take on the plane

How much fluid you can take on the plane: the volume

A traveler who is used to fly the plane, knows the rules of transportation of hand luggage, including how much fluid you can take on the plane. Of course, among the generally accepted rules there are exceptions, which each get acquainted yourself. It is important to know because the liquid that is in the package, more volume, or her more acceptable by the rules of the air carrier, will be taken at the airport. To avoid unpleasant incidents happen, it is best to prepare in advance.

How much fluid you can take on the plane: obem1

Before dealing with the volumes, it is necessary to find out what exactly in airlines is referred to as the "liquid" concept. In addition to juice or water, the list includes: yoghurt, baby food, alcohol, honey, sunsets, jam, home-made compote, canned goods, shampoo, gel, cream, soft cheese (feta, mozzarella). Also, they include deodorants, if they are not dangerous. If you are not sure that you have correctly determined the amount of liquid that you plan to take on board, then it's better not to take chances. For example, some passengers take canned food, the volume of which is 200 ml, and the packaging indicates that 90% is a solid product. But for the security service, this item is clearly considered a violation, as canned food refers to liquids.

How much fluid you can take on the plane: obem2

How much fluid you can take on the plane. The right to carry:

  1. The hand baggage can be carried no more than 1 liters of fluid. This total figure. But while one container must be no more 100 milliliters. You can not take with you, such as a tube of cream volume 200 milliliters, even if there remained only half. Airport workers looking at a value that is specified on the package.

  2. For all the tubes and jars of liquid should be one common special transparent bag with zipper necessarily. Its size is typically 20 * 20 cm. Checks his security service at the airport. Drinking containers with liquid at all different. Some employees may be missed, not even examining them, and at other airports will force open the jar to ensure no banned substances.

  3. If you are traveling with a baby and a take baby food, then put it in a separate package is not necessary. Firstly, it does not apply to hand luggage and personal belongings to, and secondly, there are no questions to you are not there, if it is present during the security check. But here, too, you must know when to stop. For example, the amount of supply is limited. It should be taken only on the time of flight, no one is permitted to carry 10-15 packages. If you are flying with a child under the age of 2-years, you can take the children's food volume of more than 100 ml.

How much fluid you can take on the plane: obem3

  1. To transport drugs, it is necessary to understand that not all of them are allowed on the territory of other countries. In addition, you must follow the same rule about 100 milliliters in one package, and they need a separate package with a clasp. Be sure to show them you need at the front. If they contain, for example, narcotic substances, then you need to have a certificate that confirms that you need them with the signature and seal of the doctor. The certificate must contain the date, and the name must clearly coincide with yours. Sometimes for a flight to another country you need to translate this document into English. If you do not follow all the necessary rules, the receiving party may detain you and initiate a criminal case.

How much fluid you can take on the plane: obem4

Generally, in order not to bother to these details, you can buy a special set of summer. It is sold in transparent tubes and jars on 100 ml each. In this case to you will not be too many questions, and verification will be faster.

A separate item is considered to transport alcohol. Some airlines altogether forbidden to carry him on board, but more to the issue are more loyal. If you start to drink alcohol during the flight, you will be fined. And some do not even admit drunk passengers on board.

Products purchased in DutyFree may be shipped in packages larger than 100 ml, but they are included in the total weight of carry-on baggage, which must not exceed 10 kg. If more, then you have to pay extra. Usually buy perfumes and alcohol. In addition, these goods must be packed before the end of the flight. They can not be opened and used during the flight.

How much fluid you can take on the plane: obem5

Red and black caviar also refer to the concept of "liquid". The hand luggage they also can not be transported in containers more than 100 ml. So if you are going to take a different volume, it is better to pass it on luggage.

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