Skyline SL-222
Skyline SL-222. A photo. Characteristics.

Skyline SL-222


Skyline SL-222 - Double Ukrainian helicopter manufactured by CB "Gorizont12", Kiev. Light helicopter designed according to AP27, meets the requirements for helicopters Group "A" - a twin-engine, it is possible to continue on one engine flight.


Skyline SL-222 photo

Skyline SL-222 photo.


Delivery time - 4-5 months. The helicopter can be transported on a trailer for small obychnogoogo car and the same trailer used as a mobile runway.


Features helicopter Skyline SL-222:



  • Range: 550km

  • Flight duration: 3,5ch

  • Fuel consumption: 23l at speed 160km / h.

  • Empty weight: 377kg

  • Type: three-cylinder two-stroke piston

  • Volume:

  • Stroke 69mm

  • Bore: 76mm

  • Power: 90,6l.s. when 5200ob / min

  • Torque: 123Nm at 5000ob / min

  • Formation of a mixture of: Injector

  • Ignition System: Computer

  • Power Generator: 250Vt, 12V

  • Cooling: water

  • The trigger: the electric starter

  • Direction of rotation: the form of the output shaft counterclockwise

  • Lubrication system: cars

  • Two-stroke oil: Automotive

  • Petrol A95 or better.


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