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Case squared 36-80 (1982).
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Case squared 36-80 (1982).

Case squared 36-80 (1982).



  • Genre: Military Action

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 69 minutes

  • Director: Michael Tumanishvili

  • Starring: Boris Shcherbakov, Mihai Volontir, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Vladimir Sedov, Ivars Kalnins, Vytautas Tomkus Alexander Pashutin.

Case squared 36-80 (1982) .1


The action takes place in 1980-ies on the Soviet Navy during the military exercises in the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time in the same place it held the doctrine of the United States Navy. The main and key moments of the exercise is to attack the US fleet and the Soviet submarine.

"Hughes' company computer software was used to provide a complete automated firing cruise missiles, and start at a pre-created route. In order to lead the embattled cruise missiles only need to unlock the control panel, which is located in the cabin Turner (commander of the boat).

Case squared 36-80 (1982) .2


Tankers Gennady Wolf performed a standard procedure refuel their reconnaissance planes near the training site. The departure of the aircraft Wolf participated Major General of the Northern Fleet - Pavlov, whose aim is the selection of promising and capable pilots to develop new technology.

In one of these flights Wolf noticed they were interested and wanted to make for further training and development. But Wolf refused promotion due to unknown reasons, no one is trying to promote, and in its place a colleague - Sergey Skiba.



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