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Death to drones: The Russian military will receive a unique electronic warfare system to combat UAVs

Death to drones: The Russian military will receive a unique electronic warfare system to combat UAVs

Recently, the Leningrad region handed over to soldiers at the front a unique mobile electronic warfare (EW) complex installed on the basis of a passenger car. This system, developed by the Vector Research Institute from St. Petersburg, is an advanced development in the field of electronic warfare and can reliably protect columns in motion from drones at several frequencies.

Electronic warfare system capabilities

Electronic warfare systems will soon be delivered to the front through the Leningrad Frontier fund. The Governor of the Leningrad Region, Alexander Drozdenko, announced this in his Telegram channel. These systems are designed for frontline use and have already been successfully tested on the test site, receiving high praise.

The electronic warfare system, created on the basis of an all-terrain vehicle, has a number of advantages. Firstly, its mobility and speed of movement along the front line make it an indispensable tool in active combat conditions. Secondly, installing the system on a vehicle avoids the need to deploy and collapse it each time, which significantly saves the time and effort of fighters. Thirdly, the complex can accompany marching columns, providing them with protection from drones and other threats.

Adaptation to conflict conditions

According to Alexander Drozdenko, the control and software of the complex were simplified as much as possible at the request of the fighters in order to make its use intuitive and convenient. At the same time, the system specifications have been enhanced to provide reliable column protection at multiple frequencies. The complex can operate both in the mode of creating a protective dome and in segments, which allows its operation to be adapted to the specific conditions of the combat situation. At the same time, the system does not interfere with its drones, which is an important factor for coordinating actions at the front.

If the electronic warfare system shows its effectiveness in combat conditions, it is planned to launch its mass production. This will make it possible to equip the advanced units of the Russian army with modern and reliable electronic warfare equipment, significantly increasing their combat effectiveness and level of protection.

Advanced weapons

These systems were developed within the framework of the Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec state corporation, which indicates the high level of domestic technologies and the possibility of creating advanced solutions for the needs of the army. The Vector Institute has conducted extensive research and testing to create a complex capable of effectively countering modern threats on the battlefield.

It is important to note that such developments play a key role in modern warfare, where the use of drones and other high-tech capabilities is becoming increasingly common. Russian armed forces, equipped with electronic warfare systems, will be able to effectively defend their positions and columns, countering reconnaissance and air attacks.

The transfer of these systems to the front also demonstrates high coordination and support from regional authorities and foundations such as Leningrad Frontier. This shows that Russia is actively working to provide the army with everything necessary for successful combat operations.

In addition, the introduction of such technologies helps strengthen the country’s defense capability and increase the combat readiness of its armed forces. The Russian army continues to develop and improve, introducing the latest developments and technologies to effectively counter any threats and ensure the security of the state.

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