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First "Airline 400" then "Red Wings Airlines" what's next?

First "Airline 400" then "Red Wings Airlines" what's next?


There is a Russian air carriers registry is an interesting company - Red Wings Airlines. It is interesting many facts of their history.

«Red Wings Airlines» established on the turn of the century and then called downtime unpretentious "Airlines 400». Why 400, nobody knows. In 2007 year it acquired its present name «RWA».

In 2009-2010, she becomes a carrier of the Russian national team. In 2013 year, the airline owned by Alexander Lebedev, owner of the National Reserve Corporation was sold for 1 (one) ruble group "gut." The fact is that after a plane crash in December 2012 years, with the rollout of the aircraft outside the band and fire on board, the action has been suspended operator's Federal Air Transport Agency. The company is experiencing hard times.

red wings Salon

All aircraft airline, which 9 Tu-204Are leased. The lessor remains the same, the company "Ilyushin Finance", is still a member of the NRC. Aviation experts noted inappropriate use of aircraft of the same type in different directions. But the "Red Wings" Use only-204. In the summer of 2013 years, "Wings" again resumed flights, received the certificate Federal Air Transport Agency.

While still in the spring of the same year, air transport market experts believe that after a strong blow to the image of the airline will not be able to recover.


Expert Boris Rybak from Infomost believed Business

model of commercially untenable.



Oleg Panteleyev (the head of intelligence, "airport") considered

that the company "will extend" only with a tour operator,

the presence of new aircraft, and only in the low-budget segment of the market.


Today the airline flies from Domodedovo and other towns in the direction of the resort, as well as in Ufa, Omsk, Kaliningrad and one of the largest airlines in Russia.

Red Wings view from the window

Today, on the basis of «Red Wings Airlines» considered in the government the ability to create PMU-fly to the Crimea. It is planned to supplement the carriers from the state budget to build low-cost airlines in this area. Chance of allocating up to 3 bln. Rubles to support carrier and the purchase or lease of domestic airliners.

A passenger reviews on this carrier as always quite polar. In 5-7 accolades, a review can be very strong terms. Still, much depends on the crew, the airline representative at the airport (which is often not easy to find), and mood themselves write reviews about the flight.

Soft landings for all of us.

Valery Smirnov specifically


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