Sorokin and his team "secret weapon" of the Kremlin

Russia has been very successful in keeping its economy afloat under Western sanctions thanks to young technocrats in government who have been educated and experienced in the West, writes WSJ.

First of all, we are talking about Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia, who studied finance in London, was one of the authors of the idea of ​​the OPEC Plus group and worked as a banker at Morgan Stanley.

The publication calls Sorokin and his team the Kremlin's "secret weapon" for adapting to sanctions.

“Sorokin is the embodiment of something that did not exist in the Soviet Union. He belongs to a new breed of young people who had a choice but chose to work for the Russian government. Sorokin and his associates have had some success: in January, Russia exported over 8 million barrels of oil, one of the top five on record.” - writes the publication.

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