Weightlessness in the plane
The state of weightlessness in a plane

Weightlessness in the air: how to achieve?


Weightlessness - is the lack of interaction force with body weight support. Rather, it is a condition in which the gravitational attraction is completely absent. In some cases, a condition called microgravity.

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Sometimes different research centers conduct certain experiments in conditions of weightlessness. Not everyone can go into space, where the natural state of weightlessness. For this reason, in order to achieve zero gravity operated specially equipped aircraft. The trajectory of the aircraft in this case is the parabola.

Such a flight starts at 6 km. There is a sharp climb to about 7,5 km, which takes about 20 seconds. Passengers at this moment experiencing congestion to 1.8 g, which means a doubling of weight. Then the plane reduces engine thrust to almost 0 and sent on a parabolic trajectory.

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The maximum is reached at the height of the parabola 8 km, begins a free fall. Over the next 20 seconds of weightlessness inside the airplane takes place. Further, the plane leveled. The angle between the horizontal and the direction of motion of the aircraft reaches 45о. Engines turned back on again, and the aircraft is flying horizontally. Thus, depending on the type of aircraft in a single flight is accomplished before 30 parabolic maneuvers.

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The only method of education of weightlessness on Earth called parabolic flight. In Russia, similar experiments are conducted over 30 years. As a rule, used Airbus IL-76

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