Cooperation in the field of aviation with Ukraine. Advantages and disadvantages of both sides
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Cooperation in the field of aviation with Ukraine. Advantages and disadvantages of both sides

Cooperation in the field of aviation with Ukraine. Advantages and disadvantages of both sides


Not long ago, a year ago, Russian airlines had a great success in cooperation with Ukraine, and prospects for both sides were very promising. Nevertheless, the coup d'état in the country led to unpredictable consequences, which certainly found reflection in the aviation sphere of both countries. The main impetus to the division of relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation was the separation of the Crimean peninsula, which became part of the Russian Federation. Even in spite of the fact that many world powers recognized the elections in the Crimea as valid, Ukraine refuses to recognize the fact of this, which was the reason for the aggravation of the relations between the two countries that resulted in the political conflict.


Ukrainian losses in the aviation sector



The largest negative moment of the appearance of a political conflict has received Ukraine itself, which loses its absence in routing hundreds of millions of dollars. It is noted that the cancellation of flights to Russia is linked to a greater extent to the fact that the authorities themselves provoke heat of the situation and thereby canceling flights in many Russian cities.

Most of Ukraine's airports, including the airport Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv airport, operate only a third of its capacity. Ultimately, this is due precisely to the fact that at the moment the authorities can not ensure the safety of flights over its territory, in particular, served as yet another proof of the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing 777 with almost three hundred passengers on board. The point is not even in the fact of who carried out the destruction of the airliner, and that is why, aware of the conflict on its territory, the authorities did not warn the international community that there is a real threat to civil aircraft.



Not so long ago, the company "Aeroflot" invited the Ukrainian authorities to resume flights in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, but was denied it. It is possible that the resumption of cooperation could lead to the improvement of the situation in the field of civil aviation in Ukraine, but it is clear that in the next six months will not.

In addition, significantly affected and other major Ukrainian airports, but this is due largely to the fact that no funds are allocated for their maintenance, which attracts fewer and fewer passengers, and can eventually cause and refusing to work, and a number of Ukrainian airlines.



The biggest problem for Ukraine represent its aviation enterprises, the main objectives of which were Russian company-consumers of finished products. Of course, part of the production from the aircraft building enterprises in Ukraine is still supplied to customers in Russia, but it is at least as compared to the same period last year, which naturally can lead to the closing or complete devastation in the aviation sphere of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, today it brings together many areas of policy of the state, and aviation in this case is not an exception.


The losses for Russia in aviation


Most experts today tend to the fact that the lack of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of aviation between Russia and Ukraine are only indirect, but really it is not so ...



Once in May this year started the real airline boom in communication between Russian cities and the peninsula of Crimea, many predicted a real success, but in reality imposed on an air carrier "Dobrolet" sanctions the EU and the US have led to the cessation of its activities, and the very air service between the Crimea and the European countries stopped due to non-recognition of the transition of Crimea in the Russian Federation. All this greatly weakened the position of Russia in the field of civil aviation, clearly demonstrating the most vulnerable places.



It may seem that the EU sanctions really only improved domestic Aviation, as already currently runs creation of the first new Russian airliners and MS-21 that is a wonderful confirmation, but again, given the fact that because of the sanctions, many airlines are losing millions of Russian rubles due to the decline in its passenger traffic, the advantage of this way can not be named.

As mentioned earlier, the airline "Aeroflot" has tried to resolve the situation somewhat by offering to make flights in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, but get an early rejection of this is likely to delay the execution of flights to these cities at least six months. It is worth noting that the airline "Aeroflot" and has its own interests in this co-operation - in particular the costs of maintaining aircraft are increasing, and there is no profit in this, which is clearly economically disadvantageous.

It is a positive thing can be called in the transition to exploitation of Russian aircraft engines in Russia and for what sum benefit, although this process took time and additional costs. Currently the installation of its own engines can significantly reduce the cost of domestic production of aircraft and helicopters, and it is a distinct advantage.


Mutually beneficial cooperation in the aviation sector. Ways out of the current situation



As is well known, the conflict between the two countries can not be forever, and now there is a gradual weakening it. And what a way out, and what prospects can be opened for the two countries in the case of restoration of normal relations in the aviation sector?

  • Co-capacity passenger aviak4ompaniyami and airports in both countries;
  • Signing of mutually beneficial contracts for the supply of aviation equipment and aircraft equipment;
  • The emergence of new hotbeds of investing in the aviation field;
  • Improving services;
  • Creation of joint projects in aviation.


At the moment, these perspectives are paramount and important for both countries, moreover, they are very quickly feasible - the term for their implementation should not exceed 1.5 years, but this will only be possible if the political dust settles disputes.

What is the way out there? Despite the fact that Ukraine is doing its utmost to return the Crimean Peninsula in the composition of its country, the most promising option would be the launching of the joint air transport between the two countries. Currently, at least three Russian airlines seek the beginning of this dialogue, however, the part of Ukraine there is a lack of interest.

Whatever it was, it is expected that the first steps for cooperation in the field of aviation between Russia and Ukraine will be made no earlier than half of next year.


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