Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess
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The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation.

Yulia Nepomnyashchikh

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Avia.pro: How do you see your life in 5 years?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: This is a rather complicated question, since I am very poorly represented even after a year, everything changes very quickly. But in perspective, I would like to see myself as a happy wife, an experienced and successful worker.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: What for you is more important - family or money?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: Undoubtedly the family. Money - will come with time, just a bunch of papers. In an instant you can lose them, and the family is a native people who love, understand and accept you for who you are, not looking in a purse.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: What is the most you are missing in your life?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: I just have enough, but if I want something, then I will definitely achieve it.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: Where do you like to spend time?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: It depends on my mood, it happens that I can lie in a bed in a horizontal position for a whole day, and I will be completely satisfied with everything. Sometimes I want hype and rebellion and go to a club with friends (a very rare phenomenon), it also happens that I am going alone for a walk around Moscow. I can go to the cinema, or a restaurant and enjoy the solitude.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: What was the best day of your life?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: Every day is not like another, very often there are situations when I am immensely happy. Now it’s hard to remember, but I can definitely highlight the day of my majority among them: 00: 01 was on the watch, friends congratulated me with songs of their own composition, and I went down to let my mother listen to her. Opening the door to the room, the song was already playing, and my parents stood with a cake, gifts, with tears in their eyes, then I was very moved and could barely hold back the tears of excessive joy and tenderness.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: What music do you like best?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: I like calm, not intrusive music, with meaning, but not stupid chatter.

Julia Nepomnyashchikh Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: In which country would you like to live?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: There is a proverb: Well, where we are not. I believe that wherever we are, everywhere there will be something that we both like and disappoint, therefore, I would stay where I am now. It is completely unimportant, in fact, geolocation, the main thing is native people nearby.

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Avia.pro: What is your favorite literary character

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: At one time, I was in love with Pechorin, his criticality to everything, and most importantly - to himself, his peculiarity, energy did not give me peace!


Avia.pro: What sports do you like?

Julia Nepomnyashchikh: I very rarely watch sports channels, and I myself have never been involved in sports, therefore, I am very indifferent to sports.

Aeroflot stewardess

Avia.pro: What is your motto?

Nepomnyashchikh Julia: My motto is: Life is a good thing, but some things could be better. Thus, I want to say that we should not "stand still" and stop there, always finds time for development and self-improvement, meet new people, have fun, enjoy friends, do not be fooled and do not betray, learn, read, live full life never to regret.