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The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #4

The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #4


Maria Artemyev / Hangar


  • 1) Tell us about the film that really touched you deeply and forced to think?

Maria: There are a lot of Russian psychological films that convey the real Russian character. We can see the most ambiguous character in the world in the film "Pop": the variety of psychological qualities of a Russian person. There are a lot of character traits in him that I strive for. The heroes of this film, being in the most difficult conditions, show us unconditional decency, absolute faith in goodness and salvation, humble overcoming and full acceptance of the incredible difficulties of life, while not diminishing the love in the heart.

Good is always stronger than evil.

Unfortunately, many forget about it.

Depreciated qualities such as loyalty, devotion, selflessness and love.


It is important to know your prednaznachenie.V movie "Pop" main characters know it and faithfully followed emu.Eto can not leave indifferent the one who seeks the truth.


  • 2) How much time you need to forget the insult inflicted another?

Maria: I sclerosis at birth))) So I'm not vindictive)))

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  • 3) Tell us about the longest day of your life?

Maria: Whenever forward some important event. For example, every day of the trip, especially the latter, heralding a meeting with her beloved husband and son.

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  • 4) What would you do first if you won a million dollars?

Maria: I did not think about it. But, probably, some money would be spent for the benefit of his family. The most badly needed - close to a mortgage. The rest of the money, clearly, would have given to the treatment of cancer patients.

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  • 5) To the first you tell her some good news?

Maria: To the one who will be near. But whenever possible, share good news with her husband.


  • 6) familiar whether on long journeys with fellow travelers?

Maria: Always and everywhere znakomlyus.Ved Communication - the best source of knowledge. Each person is a whole range of psychological images, behavioral plays, experience constituting an encyclopedia of life.

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  • 7) Which lesson you would like to devote more of his time?

Maria: Of course, I want to devote more time to family. More to please their loved ones to take care of them, to indulge their attention. But my destiny - "But the sky beckons again and again ... and without it is impossible ..."(This is my job). On the contrary. I am very grateful to my family for what they understand and accept.



  • 8) What is your greatest experience?

Maria: Every day I get some kind of experience. Sometimes I even laugh on this topic, saying: "I will die perfect"). But the greatest experience we get when we lose the "foundation" - the foundation in life. Joy is forgotten, pain gives real experience.

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  • 9) What is your favorite place to walk?

Maria: Walking can in the woods, on the seafront, at the stadium, simply walk down the street. The main thing that was warm and good mood.


  • 10) is your motto?

Maria: Respect yourself. Respect others. And be responsible for their actions.


"I will die perfect." Oh well...

Way to go, Mary! 5 +


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