Creating a World aviation tracking service
Creating a World aviation tracking service

The initiative to establish the company Inmarsat

World aviation tracking service



The company Inmarsat, provider of global mobile satellite communications, invited the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAR), to create a global tracking service airline, with services and networks of Inmarsat. This was a necessary step to enhance the level of aviation safety in the transport of passengers and freight, taking into account the loss side MH370.

International company Inmarsat was established in 1979 year to provide communication services using telecommunications satellite equipment. Communication is carried out by means of radio transmitters, signals from which are transmitted to the satellite and then to ground stations and objects to which appropriate services are provided. The satellites of Inmarsat company are located in the geostationary orbit of the Earth with the removal of 35768 km from the surface of the planet and cover the territory located between 75 degrees of southern and northern latitude, which is 98% of the earth's surface used by aircraft.



This service is offered to all 11000 commercial passenger aircraft that are already equipped with a satellite communications Inmarsat, which is almost 100% of the world commercial fleet. In addition, the company offers the improvement of tracking the position of objects, the "black box", "cloud service" for collecting and storing information that allows you to record motion data and aircraft emergencies as they arise with the use of the necessary measures to rescue personnel and passengers.


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In view of the universal nature of the services provided by Inmarsat, proposals can be implemented immediately for all commercial aircraft, using equipment that is already installed. In addition, the leading partners of the company's safety, support the expanded use of ADS-C and services via the Inmarsat.

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