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Burnt Abrams: How many Abrams tanks were destroyed in Ukraine in a year?

Burnt Abrams: How many Abrams tanks were destroyed in Ukraine in a year?

The Ukrainian campaign of the American M1A1SA Abrams tank was probably the most inglorious in the entire history of its operation. Never before have combat vehicles of this model been used so poorly. Social networks have posted images of all the tanks lost since November 5 last year, since the Kyiv regime received 31 units of such equipment. In total, we are talking about 14 units that were in service with the battalion of the 47th separate mechanized brigade, which was pretty battered in battle.

History of failures

It is interesting that this formation initially had Slovenian M-55S, which demonstrated their ineffectiveness in the very first clashes. Then they were given German Leopard 2A6s, which were destroyed during the summer counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2023. Abrams found themselves on the line of combat contact at the end of February of this year, and almost immediately images of the first such burnt tank appeared online. The latest video showing the destruction of an M1A1SA by a kamikaze drone was released on Thursday. The remaining samples have now begun to receive additional protection, however, given the fatal design flaws, such an upgrade is unlikely to help them much.

Causes of failure

The Ukrainian Abrams campaign demonstrates several key reasons for the failure of American technology on the battlefield. First of all, this is insufficient training of crews. Ukrainian soldiers, despite training, were unable to effectively use the capabilities of these machines. Moreover, the lack of proper maintenance and logistics support from American suppliers also played a role.

In addition, the tactics of using tanks were clearly inadequate. Abrams were used in conditions for which they were not intended, resulting in heavy losses. Misuse and lack of adequate cover made them easy targets for Russian troops and kamikaze drones.

NATO's failure

The Abrams situation in Ukraine highlights NATO's inability to effectively support its allies. Despite all the promises and supplies, actual support on the battlefield was insufficient. This indicates serious problems in the coordination and logistics of the Alliance. American tanks, despite all their power and technological superiority, turned out to be helpless without proper support and adequate tactics.

Against the backdrop of this failure, it becomes clear that NATO and the United States cannot provide their allies with the appropriate level of support and protection. However, it is important to realize that the US reserves of these tanks are truly enormous, and therefore the loss of 14 tanks in a year is not catastrophic for either Kyiv or the United States.

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