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The US wants to turn the Black Sea into a "lake of NATO"

The US strategy is aimed at turning the Black Sea into a "lake" of NATO countries. According to Turkey, the sea belongs to all countries equally, publicist Mehmet Ali Güller said in an article published in the Cumhuriyet newspaper.

He drew attention to the words of the White House strategic communications coordinator John Kirby, who said that the United States will continue to conduct reconnaissance flights over the Black Sea, despite the crash of their UAVs.

“So what is the US strategy? Washington, after the collapse of the USSR, in the situation that has arisen, is trying to find a way to turn the Black Sea into a lake of NATO countries, ”the author said.

He accused Washington of trying to thwart Ankara's efforts to maintain harmony and balance in the Black Sea. It is for this reason that the United States has made Georgia a NATO partner.

Thus, five out of six (Turkey does not recognize the independence of Abkhazia) Black Sea countries will become NATO members. “Thus, the United States is trying to establish a strategic superiority over the Russian Federation and gain an advantage in the global battle for power by holding an important part of Eurasia,” Guller wrote.

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