STC Orlan-30 Multipurpose UAV
STC Orlan-30 Multipurpose UAV

STC Orlan-30 Multipurpose UAV

"Orlan-30" - is an unmanned aerial vehicle, the purpose of which is to use it as a medium in solving the problems of the planned video and aerial photographs, and similar tasks.

UAV "Orlan-30» constructed by the classical aerodynamic configuration. It has a pusher propeller and a T-shaped tail unit mounted on the composite tubular beam.

Modular architecture design concept allows for the replacement of avionics and payload. Thanks sealed design payload modules and control systems, which are made of composites, able to extend the life of valuable equipment with regular usage.

Office equipment payload and avionics system provides automatic control. Its use allows to obtain photo and video data with reference to the coordinates, time, altitude and other parameters. All this greatly simplifies the process of stitching together of shots that can be performed using the software "TopoAksis."


  • Good handling and high stability.

  • Hot-board equipment and payload.

  • Operation with limited areas and in difficult weather conditions.

  • Location wide range of measuring equipment in the wing consoles.

  • Providing photo and video recording with the coordinates, altitude, frame number and other parameters.

  • The ability to manage simultaneously the four UAVs.

  • The presence on board of the generator for continuous in-flight tasks.

  • Any of the drone of the complex can act as a repeater for other.

  • The payload may consist of planned cameras, video cameras and thermal imagers. 

STC Orlan-30. Characteristics:

Modification   Orlan-30
Wingspan, m  
Length m  
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   27
engine's type   1 ICE
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   170
Cruising speed, km / h   150
Practical range, km   300
Flight duration, h   5
Practical ceiling, m   4500


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