Clash of aircraft in the sky
Clash of aircraft in the sky

The collision of aircraft in the sky.


The tragic story, namely "Clash of aircraft in the sky"I took place in June 2002 years.

City Ufa. In this city for centuries living in the world as Christians and followers of Islam. In that year the most talented children and teenagers in Ufa were invited to a two-week vacation in Barcelona. This trip paid for UNESCO. It had to take part the most intelligent, advanced and gifted children. For example, he drew with Kirill Dekhtyar 4 years. For 10 years of practice he had two solo exhibitions.


Mother Cyril upcoming very interesting vacation. Therefore, we have agreed on the trip. Cyril graduated 9-grade and he needed to rest. And it was a good option.


Also on the trip was going to Alina Hananova - 12 year-old gymnast. By the time she had already won several prestigious competitions.


Alina's mother: We were very pleased to visit. There's really flew very intelligent and gifted children. Unusual and beautiful and the mind.




45 children from Ufa, together with their teachers went on a train to Moscow. There they waited for the plane on which they were to fly to Spain. But in Moscow, began the first trouble. The travel agency that got it wrong, and send their children to the wrong airport. The children are late for your flight, and were very upset. While the Agency by all means corrects his mistake, the children organized a tour of the Russian capital. In fact, to find another plane took 2 days.


July 1 2002, children from Ufa boarded the plane at a Moscow airport. On board was also Kaloeva family. They are not part of a group of Ufa. They flew to Spain to meet with his father - a famous architect. While he was finishing another project near Barcelona. Aircraft operated 5 people. Captain Alexander Gross worked in aviation 30 years. The second pilot was Oleg Gregory. But in fact, he served as captain. He had to watch the actions of Gross and evaluate them.


About 11 pm plane Tu-154 Flight 2937 «Bashkirian Airlines" took off from Moscow. Like most modern aircraft, Tu-154 was equipped with a warning system movement TCAS. This system operates based on transponders installed in each plane. TCAS detects wave repeaters and calculates whether the path of the aircraft crossing flights. If the system detects the slightest danger of collision, it warns the pilots and advise what action should be taken.


For hundreds of kilometers in the Italian town of Bergamo plane Boeing 757 He was on the rise. He made flight commissioned by the international freight company DHL. The plane was heading to Brussels. Russian Tu-154 had to miss a Boeing 757 in the sky over southern Germany. On board the cargo plane was only 2 man: Captain Paul Phillips and his first mate Brand Kompioni. Boeing 757 soared in 23: 06 and headed for its last flight.


The collision of aircraft in the air.


        The collision of aircraft in the air 2A few hours before midair, In the control center of flights in Zurich (Switzerland) night shift began. Peter Nielsen worked in this control center for 8 years. The center was responsible for the safety of flights in the sky over southern Germany and northern Switzerland. That night the 2 operator had to work. But in their area there were few planes, and Nielsen's colleague went to rest. This was a common practice in the Mission Control Center. Since then, Peter Nilsson has been in charge of the entire air traffic movement, which has been monitored on two screens. In 23: 10 came two technicians. They told Peter that they needed a technical inspection of the main radar. While they were checking it, the signal to the screen went slower than usual. In addition, the signal for the prevention of a collision hazard was disconnected. Also, technicians have turned off all telephone lines. Then no one realized that the first steps to the tragedy had already been made.


Russian plane with students flew over central Germany and approached Switzerland. Captain Grigoriev received final instructions from the German managers. After that, the German center gave the Tu-154 custody of Switzerland, Peter Nielsen and personally. At that time, Boeing 757 also entered the airspace of Switzerland. Captain Boeing 757 Paul Phillips asked for permission to increase the height of the flight. Boeing 757 11 rose to a height of kilometers. At the same altitude flying Russian aircraft. But between them there was a great distance. There was no danger.


Assistant Nilsson gave him a new job. It was necessary to help Airbus to sit at one of the airports in Switzerland. Since Nielsen immediately following two screens, he wanted to give the job of dispatchers destination Airbus. But, telephone lines were not working. Big plane requested landing, and the dispatcher had to escape from one screen, leaving the Tu-154 unattended. Simultaneously Nielsen caused some planes, and he was busy with them. Managers used to the hectic and stressful robot, however, the night did not work, some warning devices. Nielsen is the third time trying to reach the airport checkpoint, but the phones are not working.


At this time,Boeing 757-154 and Tu flew toward each other at high speed. The team of any of the aircraft had no idea that they left before the collision 2,5 minutes. Boeing 757 approached the Swiss-German border. Russian Tupolev flew to the same point at the same height. Finally, one of the centers of the German Mission Control noticed danger. Manager grabbed the phone to warn Nielsen about the situation, but he could not get through to him. International aviation rules do not allow him to speak directly to the pilots.


Avikatstrofy. Stoknovenie in the sky.


Surprisingly, on board the Tu-154 worked system TCAS. After a few minutes the system on board the Boeing 757 found a Russian plane. Russian pilots were puzzled. They did not know at what altitude flying Boeing. At the same time, the pilot of the cargo plane began to decline at the command system TCAS. Finally, Peter Nielsen, he saw the danger. He ordered the Tu-154 decline. The captain disconnected the autopilot and Gross began to descend. But the system TCAS said Russian pilots to climb. Manager reiterated that the Tu-154 should immediately descend. At the time, he believed that prevented avikatastrofu and the clash in the sky. But he did not know that the pilots Boeing 757 received instructions from the board of TCAS, and she also ordered them to fall. They tried to tell Nielsen about his decline, but he was busy with other aircraft and have not heard them. If both aircraft followed the instructions on-board security systems, nothing would have happened. But Tu-154 chose to obey the operator and the aircraft again flew at the same height. The cabins of both aircraft were heard alarms. The pilots of the Tu-154 too late realized his mistake, and the planes collided in the sky. Tail Boeing 757 like ripped Russian aircraft and cut it into two parts. The pilots lost consciousness almost immediately. The crew of the Boeing 757 2 minutes even fought for their lives. They fell in 7 kilometers from the crash site Tu-154.


Peter Nielsen did not know what had happened. But soon the relationship did not come out of any passenger or cargo aircraft. In the Mission Control Center we realized that the aircraft collided. This is a nightmare for any manager.


The wreckage of the two aircraft fell near the small town of Ueberlingen. It was the worst air disaster in the history of post-war Germany.


Avikatstrofy. Stoknovenie in the sky.


Eyewitness: The sky was orange. We have seen the bright sparks that fell down. And explosions. Yet again. Amazingly, the house did not fall. But next to our school, we found the bodies of the dead children. Soon we realized that we had could not help.


Police: The problem was that the bodies and debris were scattered over a vast territory in 40 square kilometers. It was a corridor 12 kilometers in length and in width 2. We spent the largest in our history search operation.


Search operation lasted a week. It participate 6000 people. It was literally strewn with rubble. Many trees were burned due to a fire. As a result, many buried in Überlingen Ufa children. In the area it was found 28 children's bodies.


Vitaly Kaloyev waited for his family to Barcelona. He was one of the first who arrived at the crash site. Although the police did not want, he participated in the search for the bodies, Vitaly insisted. In the grass he found a torn pearl necklace. It belonged to his 4 year-old daughter. Also nearby, he found her body.


Police: Two days after the collapse of the relatives of the victims began to arrive. But they did not show the bodies of children, because they were badly disfigured. There was a lot of crying.


Ufa became a city of sorrow. People of different religions were shocked by what had happened. Over time, there have established a separate cemetery for the victims of the tragedy. Also unveiled a monument in the form of a chain of paper airplanes, which were frozen in their flight. Vitaly Kaloev in the crash lost his entire family. In their memory he built a huge monument.


The dispatch center «Skyguide» Zurich work continued. However, all were shocked. Over the next three weeks, schedule control center has been weakened. Peter Nielsen longer had never worked on the operator station.


Manager: If you have gone through this, it will never return to the old job. It's too deep shock.


As always, after the tragedy began searching for the perpetrators. The first suspicion fell on the Russian crew.


Expert: The pilot of the Russian aircraft did not perform multiple orders. System TCAS many times asked him to change the height.


Over time, the main suspect was Peter Nilsson. It is he who controls the movement of aircraft. Fuel to the fire poured media. They whirled more history. Journalists took excerpts from the words made up of professionals and their desired text. Manager was simply driven by the press. They called him a murderer.


An official investigation was carried out by German investigators in cases of plane crashes. On the fifth day, they found the "black box" flight recorders from the aircraft. Also, in a special hangar were brought all the wreckage. They had hard work.


A year later, many relatives of the victims arrived back in Ueberlingen on the first anniversary of the tragedy. The Germans at the crash site to build a monument. They were huge SILVER torn pearls on a necklace. On the anniversary was attended by Peter Nilsson and Vitaly Kahlo.


As a result of their work, investigators learned amazing facts about the system TCAS. When she was only putting into operation, it was made a blunder. No one ever said what to do if the instructions TCAS center operator and opposite to each other. There were no specific orders to pilots what to do. Pilots are taught in the West primarily listen to TCAS. The rest of the world account for only guess whose order is correct.


Expert: The Russian civil aviation have been cases where pilots are not following orders manager, and this led to the tragedy.


          Prerequisites for this tragedy appeared in a year and a half. Such a catastrophe almost occurred when two airliners almost collided over Japan in the air. They were so close that they could see each other's faces in the portholes. Then a bold maneuver saved the aircraft from a catastrophe. The reason for the danger was that the pilots listened to the operator, not the on-board TCAS system. In Europe, there were also 4 dangerous situations. In all of them, the pilots listened to the dispatcher, not the TCAS system. Unfortunately, these cases did not serve as a warning. Bureaucratic standards were played, and the corresponding services did not react properly.


Expert: If I have to piece together the conclusions and give advice to pilots - it is obvious. If the warning comes from the system TCAS, pilots should immediately follow the instructions received.


            Unfortunately, condolences were no longer able to console the parents of children Ufa. Vitaly Kaloyev mastered the idea that he must find the culprit in the disaster. To do this, he went to Zurich. February 24 2004, he came to the house of Peter Nielsen and killed him.


Judge: Murder operator flight became very sad news. The worst thing that he was not to blame for crash. The reason was as a call center systems. Guilty were the leaders "Skyguide », which do not provide the desired equipment controllers.


What made the tragedy inevitable?

  1. First, Peter departed colleagues rest leaving him alone.
  2. Second, engineers, on the orders of management began renovations.

Manager did not know that many of the warning system was disabled. Also played a role need to put passenger Airbus. Peter could not transfer the landing aircraft to someone else, so as telephones were not working. In fact, he was deprived of all support. Finally, when pilots Boeing 757 began to decline, they could not tell the operator about the situation because of the fact that all the frequencies have been busy.


The investigation of this accident took 22 months. The company «Skyguide» apologized to the families of the victims. However, many will never forget the tragedy of Überlingen.


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