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Fear of Russia. Why did the United States do not want to miss the Russian planes to Syria?
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Fear of Russia. Why did the United States do not want to miss the Russian planes to Syria?

Fear of Russia. Why did the United States do not want to miss the Russian planes to Syria?


The situation around Syria is very tense, and given the fact that the fighting in the territory of this country has been going on for several years, the world community, including the UN, can not stop the outrages that are going on here - for unknown and unexplained reasons, the army Neighboring countries controlled by the majority of the United States, bombing Syrian cities, killing hundreds of civilians, and for some reason position themselves only as peaceful states bearing freedom and equality. This scenario is not the first time, and most world powers understand that an attempt to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad will not be the last, and after Syria, new states will appear, where the United States of America will want to bring democracy in the form of thousands of dropped bombs and tens of thousands of people killed . Nevertheless, do not interfere in political intrigue and decide who is right and who is to blame ...



Not so long ago, Russia submitted an official request for airspace to send humanitarian goods to several countries at once to Syria, and it was under the leadership of the United States, which in its turn was voiced by the Greek government, that most states refused to do so, without referring to any causes. According to some experts, the US authorities are afraid not that Russia will deliver to Syria products, water and other components that contribute to the survival of people, and is afraid of the fact that, on a par with that, Syria will be supplied with weapons, including high-tech weapons, which The turn will not allow American, Turkish and Arab planes to fly unchecked over the territory of Syria. It would seem that Russia has not done anything of the kind in recent years, and besides, if we take into account the old complexes, then there will certainly be problems in their transportation, deployment and operation. What is the problem caused by the paranoid fear of the US military and politicians?



According to the specialists of portal, in addition to humanitarian aid, unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying out long, many-hour flights and detecting aircraft crossing Syrian airspace can be delivered to Syria. Such a development was presented at the MAKS-2015 international air show, while experts noted that an unmanned aerial vehicle can easily detect even so-called "invisible" aircraft. Nevertheless, a question may arise about what kind of threat is posed by an unmanned aerial vehicle that is not equipped with the proper weapons? It is worthwhile to clarify that, literally a few weeks ago, official information appeared that Russia supplied to Syria its MiG-31And given the strength of combat aircraft, is to assume that the weapons the aircraft can be brought into sync with the data of an unmanned aircraft, which in turn allows not only to timely track the movement of aircraft of the Turkish, Arab and US Air Force, but also proactively to destroy them, or at least not to pass into the interior.

Of course, such information did not find official confirmation, but given the fear arising from the United States before the war, it is likely that this is what can take place.


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