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Strange crash near Vladimir. (Video 18 +)

Strange crash near Vladimir


 November 3, in 10.47 to the Emergency Situations Department of the Vladimir region. received a message about the crash of a light aircraft.

 Aircraft Harmony, performed a training flight. On board were an instructor pilot Vladislav Vasechkin and a cadet Roman Chernykh. Thanks to the recording of the registrar, who was in the cockpit behind the pilots, the last minutes of the flight almost immediately hit the Internet before the collision with the ground.

 This video has caused a whole wave of disputes and discussions about pilot errors, and the causes of the disaster, at air forums.



Plane Harmony photos


 Aircraft Harmony modern double, single engine. Engine Rotax 912. Cruising speed - 207 km / h. Stall speed with flaps in position released - 65km / h.

 Pilot Vladislav Vasechkin - 1st class instructor pilot. As indicated in some sources on the network, he has 30 years of flight experience (?). Born in 1970, and it turns out Vladislav began flying at the age of 14. This fact caused a lot of surprises and discussions in Caller ID circles.

 As stated in the news portal "... That the plane land on the runway, but after contact with the ground decided to go to the second round. At some point, the pilot lost control and the plane crashed in afforestation band. "

 For video frames, it is not clear whether the landing was normal or was it a “conveyor”?

 The plane touched the strip, while landing the instructor did not keep control, as it should be. After touching the instructor brings the speed to the maximum, it was probably a surprise for the cadet, because the plane immediately began to fall to the left and leave from the center of the strip, in the direction of the nearby forest belt. And at such a crucial moment, the cadet does not control the engine, and both are looking at each other. Nobody pays attention to the instruments.

 What was it? Regular takeoff? Or such a new "conveyor"? Across the strip.

harmony dashboard

Further, it is even more incomprehensible. The plane is being leveled, and they even seem to begin to turn to the runway, to the right, the pilots are looking at each other again, although the height and speed of the trees ahead are still low. And, after about 14 seconds, after adding gas on the runway, the plane again rolls to the left! The instructor keeps his hand on the engine speed handle. Perhaps he wanted to go back to the landing straight with the left circle? But the height is minimal. And then the roll becomes more and more, the plane lowers its nose, and….

 Of course, a reputable commission will determine the cause of the accident. Most likely, it will be a “human factor” or “pilot error”. But much will remain incomprehensible. An experienced instructor, a private flight ... and a terrible disaster.

 44-year-old pilot instructor Vladislav Vasechkin died. Remember ...


Valery Smirnov specifically for

The reason for the disaster is clear:
-the flight was performed by a "conveyor";
-not was couched direction along the runway after the withdrawal of the engine on takeoff mode (left rotating propeller, the aircraft must be kept from turning right pedal when giving takeoff);
over the forest-already lost speed due to the transfer of operation of the motor with a takeoff on small and back, fell on his nose and a wing (corkscrew).

Absolutely right - corkscrew !!!! lost speed and fell on the wing. There is some sort of chatter in the cockpit for the flight mode in climb or who neither looks!


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