Stratosphere for aviation
Stratosphere for military aircraft

Stratosphere for military aviation



The third zone extends above the 11 000 m. Is called the stratosphere.

In this zone, the life and work of the crew is only possible under the condition of complete isolation from the surrounding atmosphere, as the barometric pressure decreases considerably; at an altitude of 14 000 106 m is different mmHg. Art., or about normal pressure at sea level.

When breathing in the earth receives the human body along with the air around 0,2 oxygen, ie oxygen, accounting for atmospheric pressure 0,2 or 760:.. = 0,2 125 mm Hg. Art, and 14 000 height m -. 59 mlg Hg. Art.

Theoretically, it is determined that the maximum value of a man staked oxygen decompression is 50 mm Hg. Art., but almost a dream, of course, higher for most of 60-70 mm Hg. Art.

Problem isolation aircrew from the environment allowed the cab sealing and application of a special suit - suit.

High-altitude flights have a number of advantages. Due to the reduction in air density at altitude increases flight speed; for example, while maintaining engine power at the height of 6 000-8 000 m speed of flight increases by 40-50%, and at altitudes in 10 000-11 000 t on 70-80%. Modern combat aircraft, having the speed of 400-500 m / hour, 10 000 m altitude can give speed 680-900 km / h.

On the other hand, high-altitude flights are drawbacks. Because of the difficulty of conducting detailed visual orientation deteriorating conditions of the navigation driving. B 1 table shows the range of visibility targets from a height of 6 500 to.

When flying at high altitude bombing is much more complicated due to the difficulty to exit the target and the complexity of finding the target in the area of ​​supporting guidelines that could serve as starting points for construction of the maneuver.

Dispersion bombs during bombing from high altitudes reaches a very high value, so the bombing is only possible for large targets (towns, large railway junctions, accumulation of forces).

Review for a free inspection of air, sea and terrestrial space - one of the most important qualities to ensure the success of the combat aircraft of all types.


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