Stewardess in tattoos myth or reality?

nda, well, it’s clear that an ordinary person, in the sense of non-design activity, is watching what they are doing and are allowed to watch. This is an ordinary advertisement, models, of which there are thousands, drawings of a tattoo, they will draw another in another session. It is not clear what to watch. There are porn sites on the sea, there are naked and with a tattoo and without and with palm trees and other things. I don’t want to eat. And the reality? Well, that's not the point

It looks pretty and harmoniously ... My wife has a stylist ... just the same, the smaller tattoo looks the same. Also worked as a stewardess 4 of the year. That condition is that nothing is out .. By the stylist, on the contrary, so that it can be seen ... the clients sink)))

Her fillet is valid, I’d blow.

More often you need to deal with blowing, then there will be less excitement from the pictures.

this is a photoshop

What a person will not do, so that it can be identified in case of anything.

From a distance, it all looks like a spot of some kind of skin disease.

The flap is large, high-quality. How many cases, ocheshnikov, barsets with it you can sew !!!

My neighbor, at one time enrolled in a flight attendant course. She had a little black cat poked out at her ankle. Commission miraculously did not notice. Then they saw. Expelled not expelled, but forced to hide. Now she works, and she always hides her little bag under the skin-colored plaster. And if we put a little attachment on all the thigh and shin? No one will take it to work. By the way, when you go through a serious medical examination and see a tatuha, they are sent to a psychiatrist for a thorough examination, because no normal person would ever think to paint himself with diarrhea ...

Happy old age will be in the current boys.

fotozhop, on different pics on different legs painted face with a spear in his teeth))))))

vasichka mirror image

Stupid fashion. And then it seems, and silicone pretty. The girl is clearly a problem with self-esteem.

Well, that at least not on the pope ...

When the beautiful human body is disfigured by the owner of this body, degrading the intelligence of savage cannibals to Maori, he puts himself on the level of development of these cannibals. Without any IQ, it is clear that these people have no genetic European heritage.

If only she was beautiful and undressed!

Tattoo? There is no tattoo tattoo if only the person was good.

beautiful girl. Airline decoration

Here is the face of the airline!

Tattoo is a fashion imitating zeks. Remember, there was a fashion when they put on pants with a low armhole, as if they were crap? Fashion went from American convicts, who took away their belts and ropes to support pants. Negro-zeki and went to the jail with his pants down. So with tattoos. All this demonstrates simply the lack of intelligence. Moreover, the tattoo is still common in the Papuans, and in Africans they also make scars on the skin. Get ready, soon people with a limited mind will apply sculpted bas-reliefs to their skin. In the meantime, tattoos will carry the seal of a foolish man.

You are right, Svyatoslav. Tattoo shows the inferiority of the person, his inferiority. This fact is confirmed by psychologists. I really do not like it when their beautiful body (temple of the soul) of the girl, imitating the Papuans, is being defiled by a tattoo. But you shouldn’t attack them with abuse, you should regret them, because sooner or later they will regret their deed ...

What is a tattoo? The name of this is portac, spoiled, spoiled. This is a stupid imitation and a desire to become "thieves" (who were spoiled and increasingly not on their whims), unlike others. But it is the beautiful body that is beautiful, not the cropped ears, holes in the noses and tongues, the fucked up body.

I agree with you. They have made tattoos look like dirty skin. I want to add (dermatologist's advice) that tattoo salons do not warn you that tattoos while in the open sun need to be protected with a very strong anti-tan cream. Otherwise, melanoma (skin cancer ) these tattooed people are provided. So these marked people from the "Legion of the Devil" (Grigory Klimov "Name is His Legion") nature will destroy itself. And the fashion is changing, only tattoo salons are winning: now they are stuffed, and then at times more expensive will be removed ...

Yes, yes and even from masturbation, the hair on the palms grow and you can die. A beautiful tattoo always looks great, but you need to wear glasses

These zekovskie tattoos came from the jailer, never looked at the human skin beautifully, it was not city crap, dear. If you like to spoil your body, these are your problems, just don’t advertise it, then this ugly phenomenon comes from the cons ...

Igor, and you have given the hair on the palms have grown, here to see! Dirt, is dirt, no matter how beautifully it is called, "tattoo", sometimes we do not notice the scarcity of mind behind beautiful words.

Looks great, say? about as excellent as the wall in the public toilet and the fence behind the garages

Especially years through 30, when a rose was stuffed on a spatula, but a cabbage turned out on the ass

There are no beautiful tattoos. You need to draw on paper or write on canvas, but not on the body. Drawing on the body is the very body disfigures. And the person who draws himself has mental problems. Ask psychiatrists. Moreover, it is not a secret to anyone that the skin and the body itself tend to change with time. Accordingly, these pseudo-"art" are changing and being disfigured. But nobody thinks about it, everyone wants to be "fashionable" and "type-cool." Direct analogy with smoking in adolescents. But here it is possible to quit smoking, and it is much more difficult to reduce these “arts”.

Dear, not only is it harder to remove tataia, but you can’t do without scars on your body. The more tutarivka the more there will be a scar on the skin ..

In the modern world, there are paints for a certain number of years. The paint will start to disappear through 10-12. Of course, it looks bad. During 3-s, it's order.

So what? Can't a waiter have a tattoo?

And here the waiters?

60 years ago, some of my friends also tried to imitate Papuans and models. And later (as adults) they didn’t know what and how to erase this devilry. Many were embarrassed to end their days to get rid of. Sorry for these people. ..

Yes, and then the grandchildren of this tattooed grandmother will see tatuha and will apply tattoos to themselves. And it would be okay if they were adults, so no, they themselves would be small to prick their skin. Yes, and the attitude to such girls in most men as the owners of the oldest profession.

The same need to blurt out .....

Who and what blurted out?

As one historian rightly said recently - our ancestors branded only slaves and cattle

The current slaves are the best in the entire history of the development of the slave-owning society: they get food for themselves, make their marks, and most importantly, consider themselves free.

Totally agree with you. No need to go far. My father served in Germany. So, they were taken to Dachau, in one museum and showed that the Nazis made prisoners in tattoos from the skin. The same these fools expects in the future. And do not think and assume that there will be no war - it will and must be prepared for it. And I don’t envy these tattooed dolls.

It depends on how far ancestors are. The so-called Scythians, who did not differ in appearance from the Slavs (according to the more or less official version, the Slavs appeared from nowhere after the Scythians disappeared into nowhere, although there is no single adequate vision there), or rather their nobility was very well developed.

Handsomely. Non-standard tattoos. The photo performance is not bad.

Tattoos in and of themselves can be beautiful. If we consider them simply as a picture. But the body of a man as a whole, they disfigure. A beautiful body is beautiful in itself. Want to further decorate yourself - go to the gym.

only addicts maim themselves.

Come on. Very nice. And not vulgar. Accustomed to sSSrovski stamps. If the tattoo, then from the zone. Now times are different. Get used to conservatives.

Now the stamp is different - if with a tattoo, then with AIDS, 100% sign

Here's the situation - you met a beautiful and seemingly not stupid girl who started dating, plans for creating a family appeared, it came to bed. Everything is at its best, and in the morning you wake up, and your friend is all in tattoos, as if from a zone. Maybe the tattoos are beautiful, but at once the thought: - “I’m probably far from the top ten of her”. Well, what about the mind immediately questions arise. The only relationship is to meet and leave. These girls do not think about tomorrow, then they will definitely regret it, but it will be too late.

The most stupid closed, sovkovskoe, condemning thinking, not supported by experience, similar to the grumbling grandmother at the entrance. Personally acquainted with several married and already with children girls who have a whole body in a tattoo ...

we in Pyaterochka such Madame sits at the box office, for 40 and under 120 kg, God knows that there was a lot of paint on it. for some time hands are banding, probably ashamed

And at night, when he lit with her, did he not see the tattoos?
Did they appear only in the morning? ))



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