Stewardess in tattoos myth or reality?

Tattoo is a fashion imitating zeks. Remember, there was a fashion when they put on pants with a low armhole, as if they were crap? Fashion went from American convicts, who took away their belts and ropes to support pants. Negro-zeki and went to the jail with his pants down. So with tattoos. All this demonstrates simply the lack of intelligence. Moreover, the tattoo is still common in the Papuans, and in Africans they also make scars on the skin. Get ready, soon people with a limited mind will apply sculpted bas-reliefs to their skin. In the meantime, tattoos will carry the seal of a foolish man.

So what? Can't a waiter have a tattoo?

Yes, and then the grandchildren of this tattooed grandmother will see tatuha and will apply tattoos to themselves. And it would be okay if they were adults, so no, they themselves would be small to prick their skin. Yes, and the attitude to such girls in most men as the owners of the oldest profession.

The same need to blurt out .....

Who and what blurted out?

As one historian rightly said recently - our ancestors branded only slaves and cattle

Totally agree with you. No need to go far. My father served in Germany. So, they were taken to Dachau, in one museum and showed that the Nazis made prisoners in tattoos from the skin. The same these fools expects in the future. And do not think and assume that there will be no war - it will and must be prepared for it. And I don’t envy these tattooed dolls.

It depends on how far ancestors are. The so-called Scythians, who did not differ in appearance from the Slavs (according to the more or less official version, the Slavs appeared from nowhere after the Scythians disappeared into nowhere, although there is no single adequate vision there), or rather their nobility was very well developed.

Handsomely. Non-standard tattoos. The photo performance is not bad.

only addicts maim themselves.

Come on. Very nice. And not vulgar. Accustomed to sSSrovski stamps. If the tattoo, then from the zone. Now times are different. Get used to conservatives.

Here's the situation - you met a beautiful and seemingly not stupid girl who started dating, plans for creating a family appeared, it came to bed. Everything is at its best, and in the morning you wake up, and your friend is all in tattoos, as if from a zone. Maybe the tattoos are beautiful, but at once the thought: - “I’m probably far from the top ten of her”. Well, what about the mind immediately questions arise. The only relationship is to meet and leave. These girls do not think about tomorrow, then they will definitely regret it, but it will be too late.

The most stupid closed, sovkovskoe, condemning thinking, not supported by experience, similar to the grumbling grandmother at the entrance. Personally acquainted with several married and already with children girls who have a whole body in a tattoo ...

And at night, when he lit with her, did he not see the tattoos?
Did they appear only in the morning? ))

I just can not understand, why ??! It looks like a dirty one, especially from afar. And years through 20-30 in general will be - full ...

I agree. The feeling of something dirty, unwashed. An erection disappears completely!