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Stewardess earn millions of dollars by having sex with passengers
Stewardess earn millions of dollars by having sex with passengers

Stewardess earn millions of dollars by having sex with passengers


According to, a girl who practiced similar earnings explained that a large number of men are willing to pay good money for making their sexual dreams a reality on board an airliner with a stewardess.

It should be noted that when hiring stewardesses they say that they have the opportunity to earn by selling goods from dutyfree or provide additional services to passengers. Due to this, the stewardess decided to earn money without the employer. To do this, the girl decided to provide sex services to passengers in the toilet of the aircraft when flying for many hours. Similar services flight attendant estimated at 2 thousand dollars. For two years of working on the airline, the girl was able to earn an extra one million dollars. Probably, the stewardess could easily increase her earnings, if not for the complaint from the anonymous to her management. The name of the girl is not divulged because of corporate ethics.

According to the publication AlSadda, corporate investigation was carried out, the results of which she was fired and deported. According to eyewitnesses it can be said that the same day she flew to Mexico. Perhaps retirement stewardess she decided to celebrate in a big way in the resort of Mexico.

"Everyone knows that girls especially flight attendants always affects men and their sexual fantasies. Communication and communication with passengers occur quite often, - said the head of the company, which sells tickets, Jetcost. - Initially, it may seem that to make a million in this way is very difficult, but the stewardess served business class, where passengers can provide and a large amount for the service. "


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