Gerard Depardieu and stewardess
Flight attendants with stars. Stock star.

Flight attendants with stars. FGTR with a star.


Meet the famous artist, an actor can be anywhere.

Dmitry Lazarev and flight attendant

But, since most stars move on the plane, the highest probability to meet them at the airport.

Stewardess with a star

Despite the fact that the guards Airport may prohibit video, photography, try to take a picture with his idol possible. On our portal photo provided attendants with the stars that you can see right now.

Leonid Agutin and stewardess

Hunters for photos with the star are well aware of where to watch for celebrities.

stewardess and actor

For example, the time of departure or arrival you can always learn from the fans.

Steven Seagal and flight attendants

If you dream about a picture with your favorite singer or actor, it is important to follow some rules.

Sjutkin and styuadessy

Hostess with the stars: a unique pictures to

All the media attention focused on celebrities, but sometimes famous people, for whom every day watching the paparazzi, condescend to the fans.

Amateur steward

Probably, there is not a single person who would not want to be photographed with their favorite singer (singer), actor (actress), or a recognizable personality.

Gazmanov and stewardess

Moreover, many would like to get a photo with several celebrities.

coach of the Russian football and the stewardess

And many celebrities often allow fans of his work and the fans to get a long-awaited shot at the airport.

Ivanushki and stewardess

It's a subtle thing, because not all the fans know how to behave properly with the fans.

footballer and stewardess

Stock star on some useful tips

Oreiro and styuarrdessa

If you want to take a photo with the star at the airport, you need to be prepared for the fact that your idol may waive your suggestions.

Valuev and flight attendants

Therefore, if it is not in the mood to sit, do not try to force it.

Konstantin Habensky and flight attendants

Anyone has the right to relax, be alone.

Kostya judo and stewardess

Many professionals after failing to use more cunning, effective way, and you can do the same.

Kozlowski and stewardess

Simply compose the image so that it turned out to be a famous person and you, despite the distance.

Zverev and flight attendants

With a little imagination, you can make a really good shot.

the town and the stewardess

Try to reduce the distance, as far as possible, to make it seem that you are standing next to (note that objects in the foreground and on the hill seem more).

roar and flight attendants

You can also ask a friend who would take your picture with the idol at a time when you just come up to him with a request: "Can you take a picture?"

Ivan Urgant and flight attendants

Make sure that you put in the frame, not much swing arms: the figure in the movement is very difficult to remove.

Stewardess with a star

Still, you can take a photo with the star, using a graphical editor.

Hugh Grant and stewardess

Search the web a beautiful picture, which shows a well-known personality, for example, on our website presents photos stewardesses with stars.

Stewardess Star

Select the most successful photo.

Dima Bilan and the stewardess

Then you will carefully combine the image by inserting a figure, and put it on the photo idol.

Sergei Bezrukov and stewardess

By the choice of source images be particularly attentive: it is important that they are suitable for the color scheme, and quality, otherwise with them will be very hard work, and the result itself is unlikely to please.

Merzlikin and stewardess

There is another option - to order a photo with the star of an experienced designer.

Kirkorov and stewardess

He can take a photo, the authenticity of which would be difficult to question.

star and flight attendant

Cheat a little bit better than to arrange a photoshoot known personality: it is not you who has to do.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov and star

Respect your idols!