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Sioux 27SM
Sioux 27SM

The Su-27SM. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


Fighter model Su-27SM is a qualitatively new and deeply upgraded version of the aircraft type Su-27. The most significant differences in these machines touched the steering system and combat equipment. The armament of the new machines were incorporated qualitatively new weapons that can hit targets on the ground and the sea. Also, the new aircraft is equipped with the radar system of the latest generation, which allows you to track objects.

Sioux 27SM review

In addition, pilots have helmet-mounted system that allows you to specify the target. The aircraft is a relatively new and advanced vehicle, the more it can perform very complex flight maneuvers that can not afford any foreign counterparts. Su-27SM entered service in the Russian Federation only 2009 year.

A brief chronology of the development of the Su-27SM

Initially, this machine was developed under the working name Su-27 from the beginning of the 60-ies of the last century. This fighter belonged to the fourth generation of aircraft of this type. Full-scale development of the device began only with 1969 year. But active support of this project began only with 1972 year, when the Ministry of the USSR ordered the active development of a new front-line fighter that should not yield to foreign aircraft of the same type. In the design of this machine in all documents called the model T-10, and the name of Su-27SM was classified and provided to the device at its readiness.

Sioux 27SM

The first outline of the external appearance of the aircraft were made in 69-th chief designer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau Division VI Antonov. In the same department I was ready the first version of the product T-10.

A feature of the model aircraft Su-27SM was that the body of the machine is made in a single carrier scheme that can improve flight performance and avoid deformation apparatus during the flight. Transitions from the housing to the wing flowing, which improves the streamlining of the machine. This multi-mode device is equipped with an integrated system which had not been used on aircraft Sukhoi.

Features Su-27SM

The front part of the car had a superstructure, in which was placed the compartment under the radar, the landing gear compartment and the crew cabin. Also here was placed on-board equipment. Two turbojet engines were attached to the airborne compartment of the aircraft, which are equipped with controlled air intakes. The fuselage's feathers and special ventral crests are attached to the gondolas of the apparatus. An increase in aerodynamic properties of the aircraft was obtained due to the integrated system of the hull. In addition, it allowed to increase the space for fuel tanks and additional equipment. The innovation was also the design of the wing. It was performed in an animated scheme and equipped with a reinforced root influx.

Sioux 27SM photo

The Su-27SM was first implemented new concept of longitudinal instability in subsonic flight regimes. This system provides a balance due to automation, which is built on the principle of quadruple backup systems. As for the landing system, it was originally used standard three-point scheme. But she did not give the desired load, after which the designers used a simplified so-called cycling scheme, which was equipped with a system weight distribution.

Key design features of the Su-27SM

The fuselage of the machine consists of three main parts, namely: nose to the cockpit, the average housing the fuel tanks and the tail, which includes the design of the tail boom and the central beam of the machine body. Designers extensive use of titanium, which significantly reduced the weight of the construction unit and is not reduced stiffness and strength of the structure. In the manufacture of this machine, oddly enough, it was not used composite materials. The machine type Su-27SM installed and nasal feathering horizontal type.

Sioux 27SM

Su-27SM in our country is the first car of this type, which is equipped with a remote control system. Due to the new on-board systems of the machine may significantly faster processing of information and, as a consequence, much faster to respond and execute commands.

The power plant consists of two machines turbojet engines AL-type, equipped with afterburners. They are located in nacelles under the tail section of the machine. This type of engine has low fuel consumption and has excellent power characteristics in different operating modes.

Sioux 27SM photo boothsSioux 27SM photo cockpit

Apparatus Su-27SM equipped with four fuel tanks with a total capacity of more than 11 thousand liters. The tanks are located at the base of the fuselage and wings of the car. To fly the aircraft using jet fuel, which is charged via a special niche in the front legs.

To ensure that all hydraulic machines need constant oil pressure 280 kg / cm2. Both machines have a self-contained motor oil pumps. In addition to engines, hydraulics used in the chassis, brake system and the system of government. In order to make the emergency landing gear, the aircraft Su-27SM model has an additional pneumatic system, which runs on compressed nitrogen.

Chassis unit represented by three pillars, which are made of telescopic scheme. Each leg is equipped with a single wheel brake system and shock absorbers gazomaslyanogo type.

Su-off 27SM

With regard to energy, the airplane powered current in volts and 200 400 hertz frequency. For the production of electricity generators are installed on engines such as GP-21. The secondary power system operates from current 27 volts. In the event of failure of generators aircraft is equipped with cadmium batteries, which are located in the nose landing gear recess.

Su-27SM can be considered truly high quality fighting machine that competes with foreign peers.

Sioux 27SM characteristics:

  • Aircraft length, m 21,9

  • Wingspan, m 14,7

  • Height, m ​​5,9

  • Wing area 62,04

  • Normal take-off weight with two missiles R-27R1 two missiles R-73E and normal refueling (5270 kg) kg 23 740

  • Maximum take-off weight, kg 33 000

  • Fuel kg:

  • - Normal 5270

  • - Maximum 9400

  • Maximum combat load, kg 8000

  • Maximum flight speed at sea, km / h 1400

  • Maximum flight speed at high altitude, km / h 2300

  • The maximum number of M 2,15

  • The maximum rate of climb, m / s 270

  • Service ceiling, m 17 750

  • Maximum operating overload 9

  • Range with maximum fueling with four missiles (2hR-27R1,2hR-73E) that run in the middle of the path, km:

  • - At the ground 1340

  • - At high altitude 3530

  • - At high altitude with one in-flight refueling 5400

  • Time fighting problems (without refueling), hours 4,5

  • The length of the run (at a normal take-off weight), m 450 path length (with brake parachute), m 700

  • Type AL-31F Link to the "full afterburner" kgf 2x12500




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