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Aircraft model Su-6 a combat attack aircraft during the Second World War. This machine was developed in the design office of Pavel Sukhoi and is equipped with an air-cooled engine.

Su-6 scheme

Brief history of the Su-6

The official beginning of the design was the job of the Defense Committee of the USSR, which had set the goal of creating a new armored attack aircraft, which must be operated by one pilot. In the same order it was planned to build two prototypes. Design was carried out with the 1940 1942 years before, at the time it was considered long enough stage. To create a new machine first lacked the power plant, which later became the engine of the M-71.


Design tests began in the winter 41 years. They have shown excellent results, which exceeded the specifications of the aircraft as IL-2. However, mass production could not let this plane because it was not equipped with weapons.

The second car, which was built in the early 42 years, was already equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, which included guns, machine guns and RO system. The factory and state tests of the Su-6 were completed in May 42 years. After all the research and the discovery of defects apparatus P. Sukhoi started to address them. Sukhoi had to make a deep modernization of the machine and to 43, he even decided to set up two-seater car.

Double Su-6 first flew in March 43 years, and in the summer of that year, the unit transferred to the state tests, which he successfully completed. The new machine had better flight characteristics mainly due to the powerful engine of the M-71F that will easily win the IL-2 in flight characteristics. Unfortunately, during the war it was very difficult to set up production of engines M-71, so most of Su-6 was equipped with less powerful power unit with the engine type AM-42.


The last negative factor, which did not allow the Su-6 into production, was the emergence of IL-10. This machine Ilyushin It had significantly better performance. As a result, he went into a series of IL-10, and Su-6 never was manufactured on a large scale.

Design features of the Su-6

This machine had a large enough area of ​​the reservation, namely, the entire front part of the housing has been equipped with it, and the back was made of wood as the monocoque. With regard to the control, the machine was equipped with rudder and direction whist, spars were made of metal. Console keels and wings were made of wood. Also on Su-6 installed trimmers and shields, which were equipped with slats.

Landing gear was represented by three pillars, with only the rear rack was removed in the middle of the body due to hydraulic system.

Also, during the test it was replaced by designers to four-bladed propeller, which had a diameter 3,25 meter. New screw increases the overall weight of the unit nearly forty kilos.

The fuel system was introduced one tank, which was located directly under the seat of the pilot. This tank had a capacity of 770 liters of fuel. One feature was that the tank can be filled with an inert gas. Oil heaters machine designers decided to place in front of the wing.


When designing the machine designers has been very well thought out safety pilots. Firstly, due to the large area of ​​armor which weighed 683 kg. Armor has been protected as a place the arrow, the engine and fuel tank. For the safety of the pilots cabin was equipped with armored glass, and she had a cockpit 345 kilos of armor. Armor, which was equipped with aircraft, giving protection from getting into the caliber bullets in 12,3 millimeter.

As for weapons, the Su-6 large-caliber guns were installed on the wings, and then placed the machine guns. In addition, this unit was equipped with bombs with a total weight could reach 200 kilos. Bombs were placed in the bomb bay.

Due to the large amounts of armor and all units of the empty weight of the aircraft was more than 4 tons and a load of weapons was 1,5 tons. But even with a significant weight of this car was much better in its flight characteristics than the same aircraft Ilyushin. This was mainly obtained by a more powerful engine.

The aircraft differed sufficiently small takeoff and had a good cruising speed in 300-350 km / h. With regard to flight distance, it was almost a thousand kilometers without refueling.

It is worth noting the fact that the chief designer of the Su-6 Pavel Sukhoi was awarded in 1943, the high state award, which was handed over to the defense fund.

Su-6 engine

In addition to the standard version of the Su-6, the designers has been developed and manufactured a large number of modifications of this machine. Some of them remained on the paper, but some were made and used in military operations. Modifications differed mainly in the type of weapon and powerplant. As mentioned earlier, there were also differences in the structure of the body, it was mainly due to single and double units.

Su-6 characteristics:

Modification   Su-6
Wingspan, m   13.58
Length m   9.24
Height, m   4.20
Wing area, m2   26.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   4110
  normal takeoff   5534
  maximum take-off   6200
engine's type   1 PD M-71F
Power, hp  
  nominal   X 1 2200
  on high   X 1 1900
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   480
  on high   514
Practical range, km   972
The maximum rate of climb, m / min   455
Practical ceiling, m   8100
Crew   2
Armament:   Two 37-mm guns НС-37 (as an option, two 23-mm guns ВЯ with 90 cartridges for a gun were planned)
  two 7.62-mm SHKAS machine guns (1400 ammo)
  one 12.7-mm UBT machine gun with 196 cartridges
  bomb load - up to 400 kg bombs


The Su-6. Gallery.

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