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Sud-Aviation Lama
Sud-Aviation Lama. A photo. Characteristics. History.

Sud-Aviation Lama


SA.315B Aerospatiale Lama - a multi-purpose helicopter.

Designed in 1968 French company Aérospatiale (now Eurocopter France), respectively, to the technical requirements of the Indian Air Force.


Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo.

Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo.

The prototype for the first time rose into the air 17.03.1969. It is made in France 1996 1450 about helicopters «Lama», they were put in 31 country. Helicopters built under license in India (manufactured more than 330 copies), Brazil and Romania (more 200).


Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo.

Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo.

21.06.1972 installed on this helicopter altitude record for helicopters of all: it reached an altitude of 12442m. This is officially confirmed with a record in the history of the building of helicopters remains unbroken to this day.

The characteristics of the helicopter Aerospatiale Lama SA.315B:



  • Crew: 1
  • The greatest number of passengers: 4 2 passengers or a stretcher and accompanying
  • Capacity: 785kg load or load suspension 1000kg
  • Length: 12,92 m
  • The diameter of the rotor: 11,02m
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 1,91m
  • Height: 3,09m
  • The area swept rotor: 95,38kv.m
  • Track chassis 2,38m
  • Empty weight: 1014kg
  • Normal takeoff weight: 1950kg
  • The highest take-off weight: 2300kg
  • Volume of fuel tanks: 575l
  • Powerplant: 1 × turboshaft TurbomecaArtousteIIIB
  • Maximum speed: 192km / h
  • Practical range: 515km
  • Ceiling: 4000m
  • Rate of climb: 4,2m / s
  • The load on the drive: 20,4kg / sq.m


Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo booths.

Sud-Aviation Lama. Photo booths.


Engine power:

  • 1 × 870l.s. (1 × 649kVt)
  • Power reduced to 550l.s. (410kVt)


Static ceiling:

  • using ground effect: 3750m
  • without the use of ground effect: 2800m


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