Trial. Case "Aviators".
Trial. Case "Aviators".

Trial. The Aviators case.



In 1946 was held a hearing on the case of the so-called pilots. Were convicted: Air Force chief, Air Chief Marshal AA Novikov - 5 years in prison, the People's Commissar of Aviation Industry AI Shakhurin - 7 years, a member of the Military Council of the Air Force, Colonel-General AK Repin - 6 years, Head Main Department of the Air Force orders, Lieutenant-General N. Seleznev - 6 years, heads of departments of the Central Office of the CPSU (b) A. Budnikov and GM Grigorian - 2 years each.

Naturally, these names have disappeared a long time from the military, historical and other literature. In May 1953, after Stalin's death, it's "The Aviator" was revised and the verdict was canceled "for lack of evidence."

In 2002, the Main Military Prosecutor's Office recognized all those convicted in 1946 as "victims of political repression," and the provisions of the RF law "On the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repressions" fully apply to them and their relatives. The words: "political trials", "victims of political repression" and the like appear every time when it comes to the rehabilitation of convicts during the reign of JV Stalin. In this case, there was no "policy". The Commander-in-Chief, the People's Commissar, the chief engineer did a great deal of government work and, unfortunately, made mistakes and miscalculations on his work sites.

Those who had great power and great powers made big mistakes, and these mistakes were sometimes fatal, because often it was about the destiny of the country. Only Stalin can not be blamed. To each his own. Various versions that "explain" the arrest of Marshal A. A. Novikov can not be considered objective, reliable and correct in the historical plan. One of them: from AA Novikov demanded accusatory evidence against Marshal GK Zhukov in order to bring the latter to justice. Indeed, Marshal A. Novikov gave sharply negative characteristics to Marshal G. Zhukov, but in this case "historical" explanations were given - A. Novikov was forced to do this.


The main allegations in the lawsuit


Another version about the arrest of Marshal A. Novikov does not hold up to any criticism at all: "the son of the leader of the peoples, General Vasily Stalin," planted the marshal. " The words of AA Novikov "Vaska wanted to advance" and others cause bitterness and bewilderment. Such nonsense could not be ignored, if it were not part of the domestic history. The military officer VI Stalin, naturally, after his father's death, many bad deeds were attributed. As a result, he was sentenced to eight years in prison. And this trial is called "political". Was there much politics in that VI Stalin, for example, constantly drank and physically dealt with his subordinates? In 1998, pilots - Heroes of the Soviet Union - sent a letter to the General Prosecutor's Office asking for the rehabilitation of VI Stalin. The letter, of course, played a role. The verdict was revised.

Undoubtedly, slanderous accusations against V. Stalin should be removed even during the trial. But in 1953, the hour has not yet come "h" to tell the truth, it was not beneficial to their well-being, promotion, etc. Another thing -.. The beginning of the third millennium-3.

Name V. Stalin is also associated with other arrests (except AA Novikov): YV Smushkevich, PV Rychagova, PF Zhigareva.

From prison inmate Vasiliev (aka VI Stalin) wrote to the Central Committee Presidium: "On Smushkevich, levers

ve and the BBC if I said something to his father, he would not listen, t. To. In that time, I just started to serve in the Air Force, I knew little and earn the attention of my opinion of the Air Force Commander and his swing could not " .

With regard to Marshal PF Zhi- garev VI Stalin also justified: "This is wrong! I was at this time was not in Moscow, and the reasons for removal Zhigareva I learned from Vlasik and Poskrebysheva. That's what they were told: "Zhigarev completely drunk was the challenge in ICT and to Comrade Stalin was removed from his job for drunkenness during combat." ".

Marshal AA Novikov shot from office, of course, not VI Stalin.

Stalin also had to "justify himself" on this occasion: "I do not know what charges were brought against Novikov when he was removed from the post of the Air Force Commander, as I was at that time in Germany. But if the removal and arrest of A.Novikov was influenced by my report to my father about the technique of ours (Yak-9 with the M-107 engine) and about the German technique, Novikov himself is to blame for this. He knew everything before me. After all, it was his duty to report this as the commander-in-chief of the Air Force. " The main accusations in the trial of the "case of aviators" - the release, acceptance and sending to combat units of aircraft that have defects. Marshal AA Novikov did not deny this. From a letter to JV Stalin: "Apart from the fact that I am the direct culprit in the admission of aviation units of low-quality aircraft and engines produced by the aviation industry, I, as commander of the air force, should report all this to you, but I I did not, hiding from you the anti-state rasskoltannost a number of responsible employees of the Air Force, that many were engaged in their personal well-being more than the state matter that some of the senior officials were irresponsible to Work ... All this happened because I myself fell into the swamp of the crimes connected with the admission of the defective aviation equipment to the Armed Forces. "

A similar recognition and made Colonel-General N. Shimanov - Member of the Military Council of the Air Force, "Shakhurin create the appearance that the aviation industry has been working for the program, and get a reward. Rather than report to the People's Commissar of Defense, that the planes fall apart in the air, we were sitting at meetings and wrote charts to eliminate defects on the aircraft. Novikov and Repin persecuted individuals who signaled that the army receives unfit aircraft. Thus, for example, suffered Colonel Katz. "


Practice dragging


In the verdict of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR there was, in particular, the point that there was an anti-state practice of dragging into service during the war and already in the postwar period of aircraft and engines with a large marriage and serious constructive and production defects, concealing all this from the government . So it was in reality: there were aircraft crashes, accidents, catastrophes, their number is very high. According to official data, from 1942 to February 1946 in the air force there were more than 45000 aircraft outages for combat missions, 756 accidents and 305 catastrophes. These are only non-combat casualties.

In these figures to argue that "the trial airmen" was a political - is absurd.

The fact that the words mean, "summed up the technique" a whole generation of aviators know - war and post-war period. The term "flying coffin", so widely used in aviation publications - our invention. By the number of non-combat losses of aircraft Soviet Union occupied, of course, the first place in the world.

Difficult fate was at the Yak-9. Deputy People's Commissar of Aviation Industry Yakovlev tried to prematurely launch its fighter production in large series and put it in the combat units. The plane had a lot of flaws, but he continued to come to the front. Extremely weak spot was its engine VC-107A.

The article SV Gribanova (1998 in the city) on the basis of documents ceased to be secret, it is written:

"Yak-9 with engine VC-107 A (and all subsequent development Klimovsk KB engine in question, began to be called by the initials of the chief designer - VC) was only factory tests - as a prototype, and the first 16 aircraft issued by the № 61, it proved to be totally unsuitable for combat use.

No better "business aviation" and the plant № 301. There went a member of the Military Council of the Air Force Colonel-General Shimanov and head of the main orders Air Force Lieutenant General aviation engineering service Seleznev. The factory full drove the unfinished "yak". Military representatives defective aircraft. The combat order sent about 4000 «flying coffins".

To remedy the difficult situation that emerged with engine M-107, to help Klimov were sent to the best specialists:

A. A. Mikulin, A. D. Shvetsov, employees of the Central Institute of Aviation Engineering V. M. Yakovlev and R. S. Kinososhvili.

Such in the world history of aviation has never been. The plane, which did not pass state tests, was produced in a large series, but it was difficult to fight on it. The problem with AS Yakovlev's plane was so serious that in August 1945 adopted a resolution at the highest level "On the Yak-9 aircraft with the VK-107 A engine", in this document Marshal AA was reprimanded. To Novikov. His removal from office was preceded by the work of the state commission to verify the activities of the Air Force and its commander-in-chief (March, 1946). The composition of the commission was very professional, it was necessary to solve the issue, of course, not political.

The fate of Marshal AA Novikov decided to commission members: Malenkov, Zhukov, Vasilevsky, Shtemenko, IV Shikin, S. Rudenko, Konstantin Vershinin, VA Sudets.

If we accept the absurd version that "the case of pilots" began after reports V. Stalin to his father about the sorry state of Soviet aircraft, and in this case we speak of a "political" trial simply unworthy.

During the first year after the war in the division commanded by V. Stalin, it was made repair of aircraft engines 1833, 112 fighters and emergency repairs 4439 small. One division - three regiments - 120140 aircraft. "

Stepanets in his books about Yaks mentions problems with M-107. They were waiting for a more powerful engine in 1943 already. He went to 1945, as I see. All this time, the old M-105 was bored to at least somehow increase power in the absence of the M-107. So yes, the motor is quite a topic for investigation. Charomsky has similar problems with his diesel engine. Could bring to 1945 too. Shvetsov with M-71,72 ...

In general, Novikov and Shahurin are relatives. So it is possible to qualify their deeds as crimes in the criminal group. And there the article is nehilya.I under the shooting, if desired, you can podvesti.No it was not in Joseph Vissarionovich such desires. Here he was, bloodthirsty;

One division - three regiments - 120140 aircraft
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