Superstitions and omens in aviation
Superstitions and omens in aviation

Superstitions, omens and beliefs in aviation

Who has not ever heard that pilots, flight attendants and pilots - people are very superstitious. Therefore, the life of airline and aircraft related myriad of all beliefs and take ... Comes to the absurd, even when Aviapersonal fired for neglect of some of them.

This - not a joke. According to statistics, every year, the airline canceled many flights because of the adverse signs. What to outsiders makes no sense, "sinister" warns workers associated with air flight: aircraft in the air can not be lifted. And it's here - not about the weather.

Here, some superstitions that are prevalent in the area of ​​airline:

  • First, they never use the word “last”, only “extreme” in relation to a flight: the last flight of such and such aircraft.

  • If before the flight in the cabin, cockpit, or in the cargo bay bird flew it - not good.

  • The first few days of August and September, in general, considered to be unsuccessful for air travel and aircraft.

  • Many domestic airlines to the complicated flights the pilots did not shave. And the management have put up with this: on a difficult route, exactly overgrown better pilot than irritated.

  • You can not blame a winged car.

  • You also can not play the board games of chance: lose their "air-luck" on this plane.

  • And to lift a finger to the sky, especially medium - it is, in general, "in any gate": the weather will be offended, will deteriorate and revenge.

Superstitions and omens in aviation

His beliefs exist in military aviation. For example, pilots Air Force never put his cap visor down, only up crown. Because the visor cap lay down dead comrade.

You can not glue the airplanes models: it is believed that it is - something akin to voodoo and could lead to a catastrophe of the real aircraft. Especially if the model has a tail number or any other identifying marks.

There are positive signs. In order for the upcoming flight to pass safely, the chief mechanic must necessarily stroke the plane on the wing, tank or other part. The stewardess, who finds a women's earring in the cabin after the flight, will have a great success. And, here, the forgotten children's toy - on the contrary, to tears.

Superstitions, omens and believe in aviation

Superstitions, omens and believe in aviation

The weaker sex has always been distinguished credulity and suspiciousness. Signs housewives aircraft that serve flights - a separate issue:

  • It is believed that on the plane should be the first man to set foot.

  • If you broke the lock on the luggage compartment or on someone's suitcase, it is - money.

  • If the flight someone fell ill or died, it promises a flying ship and secure aviazhizn long as a passenger has taken with him failed, which was intended for the aircraft.

  • If Airways someone sick - it is good - say flight attendants. Then, upon arrival to the place of someone waiting for a funny adventure.

  • If the plane hit the chatter or storm, it is necessary to tinker with glass cups, and everything will “settle down”.


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