Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Photo.
Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Photo.

Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo.



Nicholas owns almost all the records on dogfighting jet technology. He was able to win the highest number of wins - 21. Sutyagin knocked 19 jets. He achieved the best result in fights in the air for one month - 5 downed Americans. AT US Air Force there was no pilot, and nearly equal Nikolai Sutyagin of skill and courage in the "reactive" war.

Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 1


The same day in March, the pilots 1951 303-th Air Division Remember - the headquarters compound came an unusual order. It is urgently required to disassemble all the planes, in part put in boxes. Orders are orders, and the pilots, technicians began to disassemble the aircraft. Rumors wandered very different. Some claimed that would relocation division. Others, however, believed that the moving aircraft has yet to land and in the air, because the collected MIGs obviously sell.

About a month later the pilots 17-th Regiment, Nikolai Sutyagin was one of them, on alert. Gathered in the headquarters reported: a day depart to China on a business trip. On the day charges.

Soviet pilots met Mukden airfield. Followed by a new order: the aircraft to collect, obletyvat them. It became clear that in front of Korea - by the time the war on the peninsula was blazing brightly. Formally, the Soviet Union did not participate in it, but actively helped North Korea equipment and weapons.

Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 2


In Mukden airfield Antung border with Korea we heard the news that the pilots Kozhedub Division, which arrived a little early, already at war with the Americans. Soon 303-Division ubyla in Antung. The air battle Sutyagin came almost without delay. The first sortie occurred 14 June and 19 June, he opened the scoring victories in the "Reactive" war. Its production began F-86 "Sabre" - The newest fighter touted by the Americans, our pilots at first were afraid of airplanes.

In all divisions Sutyagin envied ability to fight with the Americans. For Nicholas summer 51-th was successful - 6 downed US aircraft, autumn was still productive - 8 destroyed. In December Sutyagin could win 5 aerial victories. At the beginning of the next year he became a fly less frequently, he was assigned as the ACS, to speak before, ready for battle, the pilots of the second tier. But in January of 52-3 he could bring down the aircraft.

Nikolai Sutyagin. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Awards. Photo. 3


Total Nikolai Sutyagin made 149 flights, conducted 66 fights, knocked 21 aircraft - the highest result of the war.

Life is the first "jet" ace after the war was as follows. In 1956, he graduated from the Air Force Academy. In 1964-th Military led the Kharkov Higher School of Pilots. In 1970-m Nicholas sent a military adviser to Vietnam. He transferred to the reserve, while the rank of Major General in 1978, the fate of his interesting, rich, bright.


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