T-90M "Breakthrough"
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T-90M "Proryv" is the best tank in the world, surpassing Leopard and Abrams in terms of performance - Medvedev

- The main beneficiary of the terrorist attack on the Nord Streams is the United States. First, they imposed sanctions on our oil and gas, and then there was an explosion. In this case, there is no alternative for [EU] supplies;

- Do not think that all foreign drones are perfect, the same Bayraktar turned out to be so-so. Our reconnaissance drones are normal, they have established their production;

- We need to make a full-fledged line of strike drones, that is, full-fledged large aircraft. I am sure that putting them on the wing is a matter of the coming months;

- I want to read Stalin's telegrams to the directors of our factories in order to cheer them up. We will make 1,5 tanks alone this year

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