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Pitch (fr. tangage - pitching) - angular movement aircraft or Ship relative to the main (horizontal) transverse axis inertia

Pitch is the rotation of the aircraft around its transverse axis. If we designate the transverse axis X, then it corresponds to the Euler angle - nutation angle β (θ - pitch angle). Changing the pitch angle of the aircraft is carried out by moving the control wheel or the control stick in the longitudinal direction.


The pitch angle is considered positive if the plane gains height (tailing), negative - if it decreases (dive). The angle is changed by means of elevators or any other control surfaces replacing the RVs. The pitch angle affects the lift component balancing the weight of the aircraft. 


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The pitch is positive and negative ... This can be expressed much shorter and more accessible to people who are not related to aviation. Namely: the nose up and down. That's all :)

Oh please forgive wrong about the pitch, because I myself have only the pupil's wish to join the course but as in our difficult a crisis time is necessary to learn at home simulator Shoot and view video tutorials to understand the characteristics of their flight and ...

Well, of course not roll or pitch and is climbing or padem roll is when samalet takes place either in the left or right side of a pitch is when the engine thrust is or is not ...

"Steep pitch."

In the same bank, and not the pitch, or I misunderstood something?


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