civil aircraft
Test: Knowledge of civil aircraft

Test of civilian aircraft



it's was simple)


Wow!)))) 100% !!!!))) it's very simple, every aircraft-building corporation in the design will still have some kind of its own original chip))))

And I'm a professional!))) 90%!) I would have guessed everything, but the pictures are really small and the details are hardly distinguishable.

A very interesting test for those who adore airplanes and everything connected with them)))

Small pictures


I love airplanes. And the result is 38%. Pain, suffering and humiliation

Pictures are too small

Cool test!


Interesting test :)

Checked myself :)

Not bad, good interesting short test

Pictures would be more done)

Interesting and informative. Great test. Thank you!

Well thought out well done very much

Thank you Cool test!

100% student pilot :)


Who did the test, redo it! Add our airplanes! Why from our aircraft only SSJ 100?

Since the childhood I love planes!

in such a scale it is difficult to make out except under a microscope

Shallow the picture :)))




Hung up

for such silhouettes, they are almost certainly not determined even by the designers of these aircraft

Great test

A great test!


100%. It is a pity there is no Soviet ships ...

The first time!!!

Thank you for the professional))

A good test, although a lover of guessing at 90%, the fact is that today the airport so basically arranged that is not visible from the windows of the aircraft, in Soviet times at airports even balconies were airfield viewing :)

A good test! Interesting. Thank you.

3 years old 100% quietly guess any aircraft

100%, even though I am only an amateur

About the Russian wide-body aircraft is no question why?

100% professional. I advise everyone to pass this test who enjoys airplanes.

350 here is similar to the dreamliner-10

Soviet sides, no, sad ...




And where our

A Soviet airliners why not here? The same IL and TU are already a legend!

I love airplanes.

100%. Sorry for our sludge and no carcasses.