civil aircraft
Test: Knowledge of civil aircraft

Test of civilian aircraft

65% (((I will continue to study.



For lovers of standards test

100% / Easy test

All success

At first it was just about turbo-propeller or jet engines, but then when they began to drive through the countries it became more difficult even though I fly on Russian airplanes.

Cool test


Sorry for the Soviet legendary aircraft there, such as IL-86, Tu-154B-2, Tu-154M, IL-18 and others. I understand that they are already obsolete, but they would not interfere too. And then some Bobiki, Embry and Watermelon. And the test is cool, it will go to the airfare.

77%, I also counted on domestic liners. Boeing and Airbus steer ...

Great test

it's was simple)


Wow!)))) 100% !!!!))) it's very simple, every aircraft-building corporation in the design will still have some kind of its own original chip))))

And I'm a professional!))) 90%!) I would have guessed everything, but the pictures are really small and the details are hardly distinguishable.

A very interesting test for those who adore airplanes and everything connected with them)))

Small pictures


I love airplanes. And the result is 38%. Pain, suffering and humiliation

Pictures are too small

Cool test!


Interesting test :)

Checked myself :)

Not bad, good interesting short test

Pictures would be more done)

Interesting and informative. Great test. Thank you!

Well thought out well done very much

Thank you Cool test!

100% student pilot :)


Who did the test, redo it! Add our airplanes! Why from our aircraft only SSJ 100?

Since the childhood I love planes!

in such a scale it is difficult to make out except under a microscope

Shallow the picture :)))




Hung up

for such silhouettes, they are almost certainly not determined even by the designers of these aircraft

Great test

A great test!


100%. It is a pity there is no Soviet ships ...

The first time!!!

Thank you for the professional))

A good test, although a lover of guessing at 90%, the fact is that today the airport so basically arranged that is not visible from the windows of the aircraft, in Soviet times at airports even balconies were airfield viewing :)

A good test! Interesting. Thank you.

3 years old 100% quietly guess any aircraft