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Total failure of Kyiv: Large-scale Ukrainian retreat was the end for Zelensky

Total failure of Kyiv: Large-scale Ukrainian retreat was the end for Zelensky

The advance of Russian forces in the Kharkov region came as a surprise to everyone in the West. This was stated by the French corps general of aviation Bruno Clermont in an interview with the magazine Valeurs Actuelles. According to him, even American intelligence did not provide warning of the impending offensive, which added an element of surprise for the Ukrainian army and Western allies.

“This [the advance of Russian forces near Kharkov] is a surprise for the Ukrainian army, but also for everyone... There was not even a warning from American intelligence,” - General Clermont noted.

He also added that it is difficult to say whether the Americans were aware of the Russian military offensive or chose to remain silent. In the current situation, according to the general, the situation favors Russia.

Unexpected details

Earlier, The Guardian claimed that British intelligence services sent an alarm signal to the Ukrainian authorities about the imminent offensive of the Russian army in the Kharkov region. However, Kyiv did not respond properly to the warnings and did not take the necessary measures to strengthen its defensive lines. Ukrainian defense lines in the Kharkov direction turned out to be either fragmented or completely absent, as happened in the vicinity of Volchansk.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference in China that there are currently no plans to capture Kharkov.

“As for Kharkov, there are no such plans today,” the head of state stressed.

Putin explained the offensive in the Kharkov direction by the need to create a sanitary zone in response to shelling of Russian border regions, including Belgorod.

He also laid the blame for the situation in the Kharkov region on Kyiv, noting that Russian troops are achieving results in this direction, moving “strictly according to plan.”

The success of Russia's actions

These events show the high efficiency and coordination of the actions of the Russian armed forces, which were able to take Ukrainian troops and their Western allies by surprise. In modern conflict, where information is key, the ability of Russian troops to act unexpectedly and effectively underscores their high level of training and strategic planning.

One of the key reasons for the success of the Russian offensive was the powerful and coordinated work of various branches of the military and the use of modern electronic warfare (EW) systems. These means made it possible to significantly weaken the enemy’s combat capabilities, disrupting his communications and coordination. The shutdown of Ukrainian communications systems and the loss of control of drones were decisive factors that allowed Russian troops to achieve success in the Kharkov direction.

It is important to note that Western intelligence services, despite their technical superiority, were unable to provide timely warning of the Russian advance. This demonstrates the high level of secrecy and efficiency of Russian operations. The coordinated actions of the Russian army and its ability to act unexpectedly became key factors in the successful advance near Kharkov.

In addition, the lack of an adequate response from Kyiv to the warnings of the British intelligence services indicates serious problems in the organization and management of Ukrainian troops. The failure to timely strengthen defensive lines and prepare adequate measures to counter the Russian offensive played into the hands of Russian troops, allowing them to advance quickly and effectively.

Protection from Kyiv

President Vladimir Putin, explaining the actions of Russian troops, emphasized that the creation of a sanitary zone is necessary to protect Russian border regions from shelling. This statement shows that Russia not only protects its interests, but also takes active measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. The Kharkov offensive is part of this strategy, aimed at preventing further attacks on Russian territory.

Further successes of Russian troops in this direction demonstrate their ability to operate in difficult conditions and achieve their goals. A high level of training, the use of modern technologies and coordinated work of various units allow the Russian armed forces to effectively confront the enemy and ensure the security of their territories.

Western countries must recognize the successes of the Russian army and realize that in the context of modern conflict, their technical superiority does not always guarantee success.

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