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Transas WATCH-5 Multipurpose UAV
Transas WATCH-5 Multipurpose UAV

Transas WATCH-5 Multipurpose UAV

UAV "Dozor-5" - development platform, "Dozor-4", directed towards increasing the duration and range.

Purpose of the complex is the search, detection and identification of objects, as well as aerial photography and aerial surveillance.

Take-off weight of unmanned 95 kg. Structurally it is vysokoplan with a pusher propeller and a V-shaped tail.

Powerplant UAV presented an internal combustion engine 3W210 (power 21 hp).

This UAV can make flights of up to 10 hours. Landing and takeoff made with ground areas, "an aircraft."

The use of an elongated wing made it possible to reduce fuel consumption in the cruising flight regime and improve flight performance. Inside the fuselage there is an exhaust system. This reduces the operational noise and the visibility of UAVs in flight. The arrangement of the engines in the stern of the glider allowed rationally to arrange the payload in the unmanned vehicle and to make room for the antennas of various devices. Thanks to the V-tail, the correct alignment of the airframe is ensured when the engine is located in the tail section of the UAV. The nose of the fuselage occupies the compartment in which the front-view radar is placed.

Payload size is represented by a video camera front (640 x 480 dpi), optical-television system with video camera and thermal imager mid-infrared range. The onboard equipment is able to record and store information on the media to 30 hours.

A standard set of payload:

  • Automatic digital camera.
  • The camcorder front view.
  • Opto-electronic system placed on a controlled turntable.

Additional target load:

  • Cargo, located on the external sling.
  • Forward-looking radar.
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Synthetic aperture radar.

The ground control station is located on the base of the vehicle Land Rover Defender. On one such station can simultaneously supervise three drones. UAVs can conduct flight in stand-alone mode (pre-programmed) or controlled by the operator. Radar control channel has a range of up to 100 km, but offline UAVs can move away to a distance of 1000 km from the base.

Transas WATCH-5. Characteristics:

Modification Watch-5
Wingspan, m 5.40
Length m 3.00
Height, m 1.10
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 95
fuel 24
engine's type 1 PD 3W210
Power, hp X 1 21
Cruising speed, km / h 120-150
Practical range, km 1200
Flight duration, h 10
Static ceiling, m 4500


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