Tupolev Tu-324


Tu-324 production OKB Tupolev A is used as a passenger carrier on local airlines.


Start of development falls on 90-ie, when engineers from the Bureau received a job designing dvadtsatimestnogo passenger aircraft Tu-20 the presence engine with a pusher propeller. TU and TU-20-400 (turbofan engines) have been elaborated in the thumbnail versions, but never went beyond that. Leaders of the CB still not ceased to cherish the hope to establish a passenger aircraft of this class. In February 1996, the Russian government decided to establish inter-regional passenger liner on 50, which after a short time was marked Tu-324.


In July of the same year, the state breadboard commission was presented with a model of the future aircraft. After a thorough check, the project was approved. After this stage, the ANTK (Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex) began full-scale design of the Tu-324. At the moment, the design office is preparing the working drawings for airplane systems and skeleton for transporting them to the serial production plant. Chief designer V. Dmitriev evaluates the preparation for "good." Fuel efficiency of the liner will be within 23,6-24,3. It should also be noted that the aircraft is promising from the point of view of the introduction of satellite communication technologies (navigation, landing, communications, control in the air).


Tu-324 relates to regional aircraft. Russia, with the help of Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, has designed several of this class and with the same dimension of air vehicles (Ahn and Il-140-114). Although such units already exist, according to experts, the Tu-324 considered quite promising. This is due not only to the domestic market, but also with the outside. In comparison with similar projects can be confidently noted significant benefits Tupolev aircraft.


Tu-324 equipped with turbojet power plant, unlike turboprops IL-114 and An-140. It is thanks to high speed aircraft will be able to strengthen its position in the niche of machines of this class. But due to lack of funds (the project at this stage of development is funded by the Republic of Tatarstan) project constructed not only slow, but also hanging in doubt.


Tu-324 is the first major Russian project, which is funded without government support, and not one of the planned programs. Because of this, a draft plan of the aircraft in the Russian aircraft industry on 2025 year is not included.


The project is implemented by the payment of the money from oil exports. The aircraft is the first project that is created through the implementation of raw materials. But even in this sector there were gaps in funding due to the fall in the market price of oil. In turn, designing and building the plane is now directly dependent on investment from Tatarstan.


According to experts of the completion of major development projects in general will cost 300-350 million. The approximate time for completion - up to four years.


In the future, the construction and sale of more than 130 copies of the sample. The dynamics of creating the aircraft is aimed at increasing the sales volume each year.


During the design of the Tu-324 emphasis on the introduction of advanced technologies and computer-aided design. The use of such a scheme staffing is found only in the two world companies "Airbus Industry" and "Boeing". GosNIIGA representatives said that the draft of the aircraft should be carried out, such as the need for local 50-liner there.


The design of the future Tu-324


The liner will be constructed on the aerodynamic configuration. This nizkoplan will have a moderate wing sweep and T-tail, reinforced tricycle landing gear with a nose strut. The basis of the power plant will be part of the two turbofan AI-22, which are designed in Design Office "Progress". They knead on the pylons in the rear. In the future, it provides a hardware perspective engines P-126-300 because of their increased power.


We consider several variations salon layout. At the moment there are three:


  1. Travel (52 designed for passenger);
  2.  mixed (divided into two classes - 46 seats);
  3. Administrative (to be used for high officials and prominent politicians from the 8 19 up seats).




The airplane has avionics cockpit, similar to the unified Tu and Tu-204-334. Elektroradiodistantsionnaya system in conjunction with the flight and navigation system provides a virtually complete automated samoletovozhdenie. It also promotes the planting of the second category of ICAO.


According to preliminary calculations technical resource Tu-324 very high, as it is defined in the 60 000 hours of flight at the time of landing 45 000. The same calculation operation calculates the liner without overhaul gradations assigned technical resources. Built-in control will allow for physical inspection repair crews to view technical details of the aircraft.



  • Tu-324 - passenger version of the aircraft.

  • Tu-324A - the administrative version of the cabin. The difference with the base model is shortened by two meters, and the availability of additional fuselage fuel tanks. As the plane is designed to the highest echelons of power, its flight range increased to 7900 km. Among the equipment is planned installation of telephone and facsimile equipment of the sleeping rooms and shower.


Tu-324 characteristics:

Number of places  
passengers in the cabin of the two classes of 44
in the tourist class 50
in the VIP version . 8-19
maximum 50
Take-off (m) 23,7
pay load (t) 5,5
flight data  
range with maximum load fee (with reserves of fuel) 2500
the flight range with (number of passengers) and luggage (with fuel reserves) 44 is 3000 km; the flight range with (number of passengers) and luggage (with fuel reserves) 8-19 is 7000 km.
Required runway length (ISA conditions, sea level) (m) 1800


Tu-324. Gallery. 

Tu-324 1 photoTu-324 2 photoTu-324 3 photo

Tu-324 4 photoTu-324 5 photoTu-324 6 photo

Tu-324 7 photoTu-324 8 photoTu-324 9 photo




Kazan citizens have to make planes at avstiyskogo Diamand or Canada in the same class entirely of composite materials and modern avionics .... And sculpt Tu-324-40 analogy Yak, which is not sales abroad, a great mind is not necessary ....

Designers need to adapt the project Tu-324 to modern conditions ... Everything is out of date: the layout of the aircraft, airframe, engine, cab drivers filling ... No use of composite elements fezyulyazha ... And Kazan top managers think only about profit ...

Planer Tu 324 has an obsolete design of the last century. It was proved that the engines under the wings increase the lifting power and consequently increase the economy. Also, there is no right wing tip. Which also affects the economy. In addition, the aircraft does not use modern lightweight materials, which play an important role in economy. That is, Tu 324 has not yet taken off, is already inferior to modern Boeing and Airbuses. To fix this, we need to recalculate the glider. And then the question arises, is not it easier to create a new airplane? And if you leave it as it is, then these planes will have to be forced forcibly. Therefore, the Tupolevs refused to put Tu 324 on their site at MAX-2015. In addition, the Kazanians are cunning, saying that they have almost everything ready for serial production. Since at the same time they ask for a third of a billion for development and time - four years.
A IL-114 already produced commercially and in all respects better than the Tu 324, in addition to speed. Even without modification can compete on a level with the Canadian competitor. And if you modify? Moreover, the military are ready to buy it, because it can sit on the ground runways and keep in the air more than 10 hours.

Tupolevs created a lot of passenger liners, but this model is really unique to my opinion. Even though the state refused the Tu-324 project, it has development at the moment, but at the expense of sponsors and patrons of art. I believe that such an investment can bring not a small profit. Moreover, the excitement for such type of aircraft is quite large both on the territory of our country and beyond. Sometimes it is a pity that our state invests big money in the development of new technology and does not bring it to the end. I hope that soon the Tu-324 model will take its place in the sky over our state.


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