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Tu-334. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.



Tu-334 - Russian short-haul passenger aircraft developed in 1990-ies to replace the exiting operation 154B Tu-Tu-134 and Yak-42. For some reason the serial production of the aircraft was not organized. Draft as of June 2013 years frozen, but not formally closed.

Aerodynamic aircraft scheme is a twin-engine turbojet engines nizkoplan with the location of the back, with a T-tail and swept wing. The wing consists of a supercritical profiles wingtip mounted specially profiled surface to reduce induced drag. 16,7 aerodynamic performance of the aircraft.


Tu-334 takeoff photo


Widely used in modern aircraft design composite alloys and materials.

Wire control system with mechanical emergency backup. The control system provides wheel control pilots of aircraft and signals VSUPT automatic flight control.

The crew cabin is standardized as much as possible from the cabin Tu-204 / 214, and is designed on the principle of "dark cockpit" on the basis of modern ergonomic standards.

The fuselage of the Tu-334 in cross-section has the same form as the Tu-204, with which the aircraft is unified on the 60 percent, but has a shorter length.

Tricycle landing gear with a nose strut. Cycled brake system with auto-wire it to the stop mode forsatsii aircraft during take-off aborted.

The aircraft is a complex navigation and navigation equipment that provides automatic or manual input of initial data about the flight, the automatic selection of the flight, the automatic aircraft driving in the vicinity of the airfield at the programmed route, director control longitudinal and lateral movement of the aircraft-director and automatic approach and automatic planting, warning reached or approached controlled flight parameters to the boundaries of the operational tolerances.

The luggage compartment is 2 of cargo compartments - front on 10 square meters and back to 6,2 square meters. It was planned in the future to equip the aircraft doors, ladders, manufactured automatically.

The power plant consists of two turbofan D-436T1, three-shaft design. The power-assist system - TA-12-60.


Modifications Tu-334

  • Tu-334-100 - version of the aircraft, calculated on 102 passenger seats. Interior is arranged in the tourist version of 102 810 seats with a pitch mm or 92 seats in business class. Range is 3150 km.

  • Tu-334-100S - design modification of the cargo plane, which has a load capacity 11 tons.

  • Tu-334-120 - ship project with installed engine BR-710-48.

  • Tu-334-100D - a modification which differs from the basic model of a large scale and the wing area, longer range and a longer fuselage. On the liner installed engines D-436T2. Tourist arrangement consisted of 102 seating, business class - 92, flight range - up to 4 thousand. Km.

  • Tu-334-120D - modified Tu-334-100 with motors VR715-56.

  • Tu-334-200 - liner having an elongated fuselage, wing span and a larger area, increased range and engines D-436T2. Able to accommodate passengers in the cabin 126.

  • Tu-33-220 - a modernized version of the Tu-334 motors VR715-56.

  • Tu-334-220S - cargo aircraft, modified Tu-334-220, 15 whose capacity is tonnes.

  • Tu-334SM - deeply modernized Tu-334. In its structure, a new modern avionics, new engines. The crew was reduced to two people. Presently stored in the design stage.


Salon Tu-334

Tu-334 Salon


Compared to the old Soviet types of aircraft, which it replaces, the Tu-334 has the following advantages:

  1. Low noise level in the cockpit and cabin.

  2. The variant of the passenger compartment according to customer requirements (number of seats).

  3. The high degree of comfort.

  4. The modern interior design.

  5. The larger the volume of luggage racks.

  6. Low fuel consumption per hour.

  7. Vodovakuumnye toilets (increased safety in flight).

  8. Ability to set the video and audio systems.

  9. Limited-time training to fly an aircraft.

  10. Compliance with noise 4 ICAO Chapter (this gives the opportunity to fly in Western Europe).

  11. Availability of systems that prevent an emergency.



Driving cabin Tu-334

Tu-334 interior scheme



Production of the Tu-334 2005 in the year carried over to KAPO Gorbunov SP in the city of Kazan. Certain hopes KAPO contacted expected in May 2009, the purchase of six aircraft for the Office of the Russian President. Yet this order did not take place.


Technical characteristics of the Tu-334:

  • Crew: three people;

  • Passenger: 102 person;

  • Capacity: 3240 kilos;

  • Length: 31,26 meters;

  • Wingspan: 29,77 meters;

  • Height: 9,38 meters;

  • Wing area: 83 square meters;

  • Curb weight: 28 900 kilos;

  • Takeoff gross weight: 47 900 kilos;

  • Mass fuel in the tanks: 10 100 kilos;

  • Powerplant: turbofan D-436T1 (two copies);

  • Rated thrust: 2 × 7 500 kilogram * force;

  • Power auxiliary setting: TA-12-60 (one copy).

  • Cruising speed: 820 kilometers per hour;

  • Ferry range: 4100 kilometers;

  • Ceiling: passengers 11 100 meters;

  • Length of takeoff: 1 900 meters;

  • path length: 1 000 meters.


Tu-334. Gallery.

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Tu-334 video


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