The fog at the airport. Innovative methods of dealing with fog at airports
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The fog at the airport. Innovative methods of dealing with fog at airports

The fog at the airport. Innovative methods of dealing with fog at airports.


Due to the occurrence of fog at the airport often suffer not only airlines, but passengers themselves, as the scheduled flight departure may be delayed by almost 6 hours, and in this case, the inconsistencies with another flight can lead to serious problems. Of course, blame the carrier is by no means impossible, however, and the airport also can not be responsible for such actions, because the weather was obviously not under control.


How to dispel the fog at the airport? From the complex to the simple.



Methods of fighting fog at the airport have been under consideration for several years, but if it seemed to be something new and invented, it later turned out that the use of such a tool is either inexpedient because of high cost, or unsafe. Primary methods of fighting presupposed the spraying of special chemicals or reagents, however, in order for several flights to make a flight on time, it is necessary to prepare and ship the aircraft in advance, which is a very significant expense, especially since it should be paid from the state budget.

Several attempts were made spraying chemicals unmanned aerial vehicles, but at the same time should take into account the fact that the great mass of the chemicals can not be brought on board, and if it comes to absorbing substances, it may then be the risk that these substances in the engine that is unsafe.

Nevertheless, at the moment, a special device is being developed that allows dispersing fog due to air currents. In fact, there are two basic designs of these devices, and it is possible that both of them will find their application at airports this year or next year, reducing the number of flights canceled due to fog to a minimum. One of them is a pneumatic compressor, from which air, coming out under pressure, not only leads to dispersal of fog, but at the same time it also cools the fog, which causes its rapid dispersion. The presented animated model clearly shows that as a result of the operation of 8 devices on a kilometer runway, the fog is almost completely scattered.



The second device is a fan system that is distributed on both sides of the runway. Working at low speeds, the fans disperse the fog, while consuming a minimum of energy, besides, it is important to note that the work of air compressors is extremely variable character - to create a satisfying the conditions for landing and take-off takes about 40 minutes of their functioning

In order to ensure normal visibility, with a kilometer runway length, about 8 devices are required, and they can be installed more efficiently and compactly, for example, blowing fog not along the runway, but to the side. At its core, the fog only accelerates from the runway itself and approximately 20-25 meters from its edges, which is quite enough.

First, actually operating the device allowing to eliminate the effects of fog at the airport will be the end of the year, with, presumably the cost per unit is only about 270 - 320 thousand rubles, which quickly lead to their payback, and will not reduce the safety of air travel, but only the other way around , increase it.


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