Aviation Training Center at FSI Avialesookhrana
Aviation Training Center at FSI Avialesookhrana

Aviation Training Center at FSI Avialesookhrana



Unique paratrooper profession - fire and the pilot -nablyudatel appeared in the thirties of the twentieth century, when it became a modern aviation security. Our country holds a solid position as a leader in the number of professional workers in the aircraft industry. Profession "flying Manager" to control processes or extinguishing the pilot - observer at all in the world is unique.

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Initial training of pilot-observers, paratroopers and parachute instructors for the Avialesookhrana units is conducted at the training aviation center of the Avialesohrana FBU in the city of Pushkino. For courses of pilot-observers can enroll people with secondary and higher forestry education, suitable for flight work for health reasons and have already worked at the time of entry into the forest protection system for one to two years. During the seven-month training, the professionals of the future study aviation and forest fire disciplines (forest fire protection, tactics, technologies and strategies used to extinguish fires, radio communication, forest protection, parachute training, explosives, geoinformation systems, air navigation, aerodynamics, aeronautical meteorology, Psychology, the design of aircraft, and much more).

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Also, at the preparation stage in the theory of the future parachutists - firefighters and pilots are training observers on the complex specialized helicopter simulator Mi-8MTV with a unique software and hardware equipment that simulates in real time the different scenarios of forest fires, which enables future specialists at the stage of even theoretical training have varied experience as much as possible approached to real problems of professional work of the pilot-observer. The ending of the learning process are the parachute and air assault training and summer internships in helicopters and airplanes within two months.

After learning theory, two-month summer practice and successful completion of state examinations provide students with the qualifications of the pilot-observer of Civil Aviation of the third class.

After completion of the training courses and to the accumulation of work experience they can assign a second and first classes. Pilot-observer of the first class - the most experienced, performed by a qualified majority of the works: aircraft patrolling the landing parachutist-firefighters, work on the helicopter with landing firemen paratroopers and APU on the external sling, work on aircraft tankers, the operational management of fires in the forest co-ordination various fire services.

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Marines and paratroopers fire-cooked regional air bases for special programs. When cooking focuses on physical training, strategy, safety, techniques and tactics of fighting fires, the practice of working with chainsaws, hand tools, orienteering in the woods, pumps, technology implementation parachute jumps on small platforms and launching appliances descents from helicopters and so hereinafter.

Marines, firefighters and paratroopers before each pozharoveroyatnym season pass test test of physical training, training in the hills launching appliances and skydiving, practical work on techniques and tactics of fighting fires. Every two years, they are a complete confirmation of your skill level (the third, second or first class).

Show organizational skills by experienced firefighters sent on courses lasting two months of training instructors aircraft fire groups, where they acquire the knowledge and management skills of firefighters, the use of innovative technologies.

On the basis of the educational aviation center is currently implementing a number of educational programs for forestry experts, emergency departments.

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