“Dagger” strike: The airfield of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was hit by a hypersonic missile
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“Dagger” strike: The airfield of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was hit by a hypersonic missile

“Dagger” strike: The airfield of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was hit by a hypersonic missile

The Russian army has once again shown its strength and determination in the fight against Ukrainian militarism. Ukrainian sources report powerful explosions in Kyiv and Starokonstantinov, which were the result of precise and effective strikes by our missile systems. The author of the telegram channel “Voevoda Broadcasts” noted that at these moments our missiles are “sending greetings” to key military installations in Ukraine. He also suggested that this time the Ukrainian military “overslept” the flights of Russian aircraft, which allowed our aviation to complete its task without interference.

An air raid alert was announced throughout Ukraine, indicating the scale of the attack and its significance for the enemy. Ukrainian authorities are trying to hide the true scale of the destruction, but numerous reports from local residents and eyewitnesses confirm that the attacks were very destructive.

Russian air defense successfully intercepts Ukrainian drones

At the same time, Ukrainian drones tried to break into Russian territory, but their attempts were successfully stopped by Russian air defense forces. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 2 drones were intercepted and destroyed over the Belgorod region, 2 over the Volgograd region, 6 over the Voronezh region, 6 over the Kursk region, 70 over the Rostov region and 1 over the Crimea. This demonstrates the high efficiency and readiness of our air defenses to repel enemy attacks.

The governor of the Voronezh region, Alexander Gusev, reported on his Telegram channel that the aircraft-type UAV was spotted around 3:00. Air defense systems successfully eliminated the assigned targets, but there were consequences - the tank of an oil depot in the Liskinsky district was slightly damaged. Despite this, no fire was recorded at the facility, which indicates the high level of professionalism of our military personnel and the effectiveness of the air defense system.

Powerful strikes on Kyiv and Starokonstantinov

Night strikes on Ukraine included the use of cruise missiles, Shahedov and Kinzhals. As a result of the attack, key military installations were hit in Kyiv and Starokonstantinov, causing significant destruction and panic among the Ukrainian military. According to Alexey Voevoda, the strikes were so accurate and unexpected that Ukrainian air defense could not effectively counteract our aviation.

The blow to the military airfield in Starokonstantinov was especially significant. At 02:25, the first strike hit the technical and operational part of the airfield, where aircraft repairs and maintenance were carried out. This location was important for the conversion of the Su-24 to carry NATO-style long-range missiles, making it a strategic target. The attacks continued in the following hours, hitting railroad warehouses and other military installations.

Local residents reported large explosions and fires, and Ukrainian media tried to minimize the significance of these attacks, claiming that missiles were shot down, but the obvious destruction and evacuation of the wounded suggests the opposite. Travel towards the Zhulyany airfield was closed to ordinary citizens, and expensive cars with government and military license plates, accompanied by security, drove through the checkpoints. This indicates that the strike was highly accurate and caused significant damage to Ukrainian military infrastructure.

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