Strike on Belbek: Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked an airfield in Crimea for the second day in a row
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Strike on Belbek: Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked an airfield in Crimea for the second day in a row

Strike on Belbek: Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked an airfield in Crimea for the second day in a row

The night strike on Crimea using ATACMS missiles, coordinated by a US Air Force RQ-4B Global Hawk reconnaissance drone, became another example of aggressive actions by the Ukrainian armed forces with the support of Western countries. At the moment, this drone is in the air southwest of Sevastopol, which indicates its direct participation in the operation.

Large-scale launches

This is not the first time that ATACMS missiles have been used in Crimea, and this indicates that the peninsula’s facilities remain a priority target for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Main Steering Group. Despite the growing problems in the Kupyansk, Kharkov and Donetsk directions, the Ukrainian command continues to direct its forces to attacks in Crimea. This indicates the strategic importance of the peninsula and the desire of the Kyiv regime to inflict maximum damage.

For each massive strike, Ukrainian forces require a significant number of M-142/M-270 launchers. However, their number is strictly limited, and many of them have already been damaged or destroyed by Russian forces. This complicates the Ukrainian Armed Forces' ability to carry out repeated strikes and makes each attack costly and risky.

Chronicle of blows

Mikhail Zvinchuk described in detail yesterday's combined strike on Crimea. Ukrainian formations launched a new strike closer to midnight, using both drones and ballistic missiles. The first wave of drones was probably of a diversionary nature: several drones from Odessa headed towards Sevastopol, and at the same time unmanned boats were launched from the southern part of the Odessa region. These actions indicate a coordinated attempt to divert Russian air defense attention and resources.

At about 22:50, air defense units worked on three targets near the Round Bay of Sevastopol, another object was shot down over Simferopol. At the same time, several drones were recorded to the west of Belbek, probably they were used for target designation and missile guidance. Unmanned boats that came out were also seen near Tarkhankut and Chernomorskoye. One of them was destroyed north of Chernomorskoye with the assistance of a Russian drone.

Tactics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

At the moment, the RQ-4B drone is on duty in the western part of the Black Sea, which is a rather unusual area for it. He can both evaluate the results of a strike against Belbek and track new targets for subsequent attacks.

The tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are becoming more and more obvious: attacks on airfields and fuel depots are aimed at forcing Russian aviation to relocate to more distant bases, increasing the response time to an alarm and clearing the airspace of Crimea before more massive attacks. These actions show that the Ukrainian command is seeking to weaken the defensive potential of Crimea and create conditions for larger-scale operations.

However, Russian air defense continues to demonstrate high efficiency. The interception and destruction of drones and missiles confirms the high level of training and coordination of Russian forces. In the face of ongoing attacks, the Russian military is successfully countering threats, ensuring the security of strategically important facilities on the peninsula.

These events highlight that Western countries, including the United States, are actively supporting Ukraine's aggression by providing intelligence and technical assistance. In such a situation, Russia is forced to take decisive measures to protect its territories and citizens.

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